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At WorkSTEPS, our mission is simple and straightforward - we help our employers hire the right workers. That means safely, legally, and objectively determining if candidates have the right qualifications, and can safely perform the job.

We do this through a combination of complementary products and services specifically designed to meet your unique needs.

It starts with Job Task Analysis & Functional Job Descriptions so that you have precise and accurate measurements of actual job requirements.

WorkSTEPS’ proprietary PAVE Validation provides unmatched legal defensibility of your functional testing program, validating your test criteria with Subject Matter Experts against the EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Criteria.  

Our Post Offer Functional Employment Testing ensures applicants are safely able to perform the validated essential functions of the job, empowering employers to make informed, objective hiring decisions which reduce injury rates and foster a culture of safety and accountability.

Drug & Alcohol Testing and Background Checks are essential requirements of any safety-sensitive job, and we help employers manage this service efficiently as part of the onboarding process.

Occupational Medical Exams are often a compliance necessity and important part of the onboarding process. Whether driver CDL exams, baseline audiograms, respirator fit testing, or anything else, WorkSTEPS can meet your needs.

Employers can use the robust WorkSTEPS EHS DataHub to store comprehensive, actionable information about all of their jobs, including quantified essential function measurements collected and validated using WorkSTEPS Job Task Analysis, annual recertification and compliance requirements, shift duration, personal protective equipment, hazardous materials exposure, or any other piece of information about your jobs.

Sleep apnea poses a serious threat to trucking fleets, as roughly 28% of commercial drivers have the disorder and could go untreated. Our managed, turnkey Sleep Apnea Solutions help employers manage sleep apnea risk through fast and efficient screening, home sleep testing, treatment (if indicated), and ongoing compliance monitoring and patient support.

Top-tier companies create their occupational health programs with WorkSTEPS
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