Hire smart, reduce risk & injury, cut costs

Founded in 1986, WorkSTEPS is the leading national provider and pioneer of functional employment testing, safety, environmental, and occupational health services.

What you get with WorkSTEPS

Reduce Injuries
and cut costs

On average, WorkSTEPS testing reduces the incidence and cost of musculoskeletal injuries by 50%.

Single source

WorkSTEPS manages all of your employment testing needs through our easy-to-use online scheduling portal.

Largest provider
network in USA

WorkSTEPS has one of the largest functional testing provider networks in the US, with more than 1,200 locations.

Strongest legal defensibility

WorkSTEPS is continuously reviewed for legal compliance by a leading national employment labor law firm.

Predictive and measurable ROI

WorkSTEPS provides predictive and measurable ROI based on historical data.

Industry leader since 1986

WorkSTEPS has been saving employers money for more than 30 years. We built our network location by location, servicing thousands of employers in all SIC codes.

Preferred choice of FORTUNE 500 companies

WorkSTEPS provides testing to many Fortune 100, 500 and 1,000 companies who are seeking a safer, more productive work environment.

Join thousands of companies who trust WorkSTEPS as their partner to make sure the next employee they hire can safely contribute to the success of their business.

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Numbers we stand behind

Average Reduction in musculoskeletal injuries

The average employer experiences a 50% reduction in the incidence and cost of musculoskeletal injuries in the first year following implementation.

Savings in injury claims

According to the National Safety Council, the average work-related injury costs employers $39,000.00 in direct costs. Considering one out of every 10 workers will report a musculoskeletal injury, testing with WorkSTEPS will reduce your injuries and save you money.

Reduction in group health cost

In the first year of employment, workers who passed a pre-employment physical capacity test spent about 15% less in health care costs.

“Back injuries went from 46 per year to 5 per year in a two year period, while injury expenses decreased 84% the first year we implemented the WorkSTEPS Program.”

— National Oil Well Servicing Company

"I am astonished at the success we've had at reducing our workers' compensation costs. We experienced a 70% reduction in the severity of our claims and a 40% reduction in the frequency of our claims"

— National Transportation and Warehouse Distribution Employer

The first year we implemented the WorkSTEPS program we reduced our lifting claims from 75 to 11. Total claims went from 344 to 79. And we’ve reduced our workers’ compensations cost by $1,000,000.00

— University/State School Employer

We understand your challenges

We have worked with many companies in every way, shape and form. We know everyone struggles with something different. But don't worry if you find yourself recognizing one of these challenges – we’ve got you covered.

Ask our clients directly about our impact

Let us connect you directly with professionals in your industry who have experienced WorkSTEPS implementation and its impact on their company's hiring, RTW, claims, etc.

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Top-tier companies create their occupational health programs with WorkSTEPS
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