Industry-leading functional employment testing and occupational health services. Hire smart, reduce risk and injury, and cut costs with WorkSTEPS.

How Can WorkSTEPS Work for You?

WorkSTEPS is an employer’s single source for functional employment testing, safety, environmental, and occupational health services.

Founded in 1986, WorkSTEPS is the leading national provider and pioneer of functional employment testing, helping employers reduce crippling workers compensation claims. Our medically-safe, legally-compliant, scientific, and objective tests match a prospective worker's physical abilities to the physical demands of the job.

WorkSTEPS has evolved into a comprehensive provider of business, safety, and occupational health services, helping corporations contain and manage costs related to work health and safety. WorkSTEPS helps employers hire smart and maintain regulatory compliance while cutting costs and reducing risk and injury. Contact us to learn more and find out how WorkSTEPS can work for you.

We’ve spent decades building the largest network of trained and managed therapists in the country. Learn More

Your Partner to Mitigate Liability

Liability risk is present throughout the employment life cycle, so you need a partner that’s dedicated to compliance and capable of providing support that helps reduce liability risk. WorkSTEPS is committed to helping customers mitigate liability through offering compliant programs, performing testing that enables evidence-based employment decisions and helps defend against legal actions, and providing content that keeps customers informed about critical issues surrounding employment law and occupational health & safety. For more information, click here.

WorkSTEPS Digital Backbone

Best-In-Class Technology Delivers Industry-Leading Speed, Efficiency, and Accuracy

WorkSTEPS has created a proprietary occupational health and safety (OHS) workflow data management system. We call it our Digital Backbone, and it enables OHS program speed, efficiency, and rigor. Built on a best-in-class software platform, our software captures and tracks all necessary communications and forms related to the processes tied to the requirements for any occupational health and safety program or service we offer. The result is speed, efficiency and accuracy to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, plus a readily-accessible, person-centric and complete record of employee interactions, communications, and outcomes. For more about the WorkSTEPS Digital Backbone, click here.

Assess Worker Ability to Meet Job Demands

Whether hiring 10 employees or 10,000, you need confidence that the people you engage are capable of safely performing the jobs you’re hiring them to do, and that they meet other employment requirements. And it’s critical that the employment decisions you make are based on legally compliant information and processes.  Join thousands of companies who trust WorkSTEPS as their partner to make sure the next employee they hire can safely contribute to the success of their business.

Ensure Health, Safety and Compliance

When it comes to managing occupational health and safety (OHS), you know that protecting the health and safety of your employees and the bottom line and reputation of your company requires more than a “check-the-box” approach. Regulatory compliance is critical, but it’s just the baseline for organizations seeking to create a culture where OHS becomes a source of competitive advantage. If this is your ambition, WorkSTEPS is your partner. See what WorkSTEPS’ experience, data-driven insights, and best-in-class services can do for you.

Manage Injuries and Return to Work

Everyone benefits when an employee who has been injured or ill returns to work in a safe and timely manner. The employee typically regains the full income and the dignity that come with work; and the employer regains the experience and productivity of a qualified employee. With WorkSTEPS Injury Management and Return to Work services, employers of all sizes have access to experienced professionals, proven systems, and state-of-the-art technologies, all geared to help employees who are injured or become ill (on or off the job), return to work as quickly and safely as possible.

Employment Law Updates

Learn more about functional employment testing, employee screening, and all of the hot topics in hiring, recruiting, and testing.

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