WorkSTEPS EHS DataHub™

Fully integrated software platform that enables you to access and analyze all of your organization’s occupational health and safety information.

Are you still managing your health and safety documents using paper and folders? The WorkSTEPS EHS DataHub software platform allows employers to electronically manage and activate all data on employment positions, optimizing efficiencies and ensuring safety and compliance.  

From Return-to-Work programs to OSHA Compliance, safety documents, physical demands protocols, physician interface, hazard analysis, employee training requirements (and more), WorkSTEPS EHS DataHub™ will help you improve program coordination, compliance and operational efficiency so you can focus on what’s most important: the health and safety of your people.

WorkSTEPS EHS DataHub™ can:

  • Improve efficiency and management of health and safety documents
  • Improve security and privacy of health and safety documentation
  • Improve regulatory compliance through alerts that improve adherence to EHS protocols
  • Increase productivity and worker morale by getting people into jobs they can safely perform post-injury

WorkSTEPS EHS DataHub™ is a flexible tool that can meet your needs regardless of what industry you’re in, and you can choose to integrate as much or as little health and safety data as you want— the choice is yours. The tool is also easy to update and expand to fit the growing needs and changing preferences of your organization.

Optimized Return To Work

Our proprietary tool brings together the talent of rehabilitation, health & safety, and information technology professionals to make invaluable health and safety information available at the click of a mouse. Paired with our work capacity assessment services, WorkSTEPS EHS DataHub™ makes it easy to match a worker’s abilities to job requirements.

Confidence that you'll be compliant

Our proprietary software offers you an unprecedented ability to store, manage, and recall your organization’s key information on occupational health and safety in a matter of seconds. WorkSTEPS EHS DataHub™ will help you manage your company’s legal liability and help you remain audit-ready by storing vital information on all of your jobs. Additionally, you can store and share training materials with your workforce so they can remain in compliance.

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