Injury Triage & Medical Case Management

Ensure that injuries and Worker’s Comp cases are quickly and appropriately managed and closed with a focus on effective medical care and cost control.

Injury Triage

When an employee has just been injured, someone needs to quickly decide what to do next. “Can the injury be managed with simple first aid? Is watchful waiting indicated? Does the employee need to be sent to urgent care or the emergency department?“.

It’s important to get it right, and that’s why companies rely on WorkSTEPS Injury Triage to help them determine the best course of action for employee injuries or illnesses. With 24/7 pre-claim telephonic injury assessment, you can be assured that injured employees will receive the right level of care.

WorkSTEPS Injury Triage and Medical Management will help you:

  • Avoid costs associated with care that is more than necessary to address an employee’s injury
  • Make sure off-site care referrals are to providers who will provide high quality, appropriate care
  • Reduce claims, costs, and litigation due to uninformed decision-making

Medical Case Management

This is not traditional case management. Medical Case Management goes beyond traditional case management to provide employers unprecedented single-point- of-contact management and control of Worker’s Comp claims.

Medical Case Management begins at the initiation of a claim and ends with claim closure.

Our team of Clinical Process Managers apply our proprietary system of policies, procedures, and processes to manage the TPA and medical providers on behalf of the employer.

Our fee structure is simple and straight forward, and we deliver fast and cost-saving results.

Benefits of WorkSTEPS Medical Case Management systems and processes:

  • Network medical provider oversight
  • Prevent and reduce injuries
  • Reduce employee lost time
  • Aggressively manage injuries
  • Resolve cases with significant measurable reductions in work injuries and associated costs
  • Maintain legal compliance  
  • Lower medical spending by helping to reduce time, fragmentation, coordinate care, inform treatment decisions and improve treatment compliance
  • Advocacy on behalf of the employer with weekly claim status meetings and reports

Referrals to quality, appropriate care

If an injury is serious enough to warrant outside medical care, you want to be sure your employee is referred to experienced healthcare professionals who will provide appropriate, quality treatment. WorkSTEPS does the homework to make sure your injured employees will get the quality care they need.

Helping employees recover and return to work quickly

Our Medical Management case managers serve as advocates throughout your employee’s recovery process, helping them establish recovery goals and treatment plans, as well as helping them navigate the healthcare system, including referrals, appointments, prescriptions, tests and claim filing.

Management and care by certified medical experts

WorkSTEPS Medical Management staff are healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, etc.) who have been trained and certified to effectively communicate with your workers about their injury or illness, as well as the treatment they’re receiving. Our clinical staff members are available 24/7 to answer questions and provide support.

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