Fractional Medical Director Consulting

If you think an experienced Medical Director could help your company but you can’t invest in a full-time resource.

  • Improve occupational health programs to increase safety, compliance and efficiency
  • Optimize your absence management strategies to reduce productive time lost to work- and non-work-related disability and incidental absence
  • Improve healthcare quality and value by assessing healthcare services and provider systems in your community
  • Help your company create a culture of health and wellbeing through alignment and improvement of benefits and programs

WorkSTEPS Medical Director Consulting is available to help you fill the gaps in your health, safety, wellbeing and productivity management strategies. Whether we can assist you with all your employee health management challenges or just one, we will work with you to assess your needs and determine the appropriate level of services.

You can use our Medical Director Consulting services in combination with occupational health services you already have in place, or with WorkSTEPS occupational health services to offer you a more comprehensive, integrated solution to optimize the health, safety, wellbeing and productivity of your workforce.

A data-driven and experienced partner

WorkSTEPS leverage the deep expertise of top occupational medicine physicians, combined with data-driven insights. Our consultants are board-certified physicians with experience working in high-risk industries like transportation, heavy manufacturing and oil & gas. We are a partner that will provide guidance and support based not on ideas and opinions, but on experience and an understanding of critical trends and facts.

Confidence That You’ll Be Compliant

Within this ever-changing regulatory environment, WorkSTEPS can help you maintain compliance with federal and local corporate and health-related policies and regulations (OSHA, EEOC, ADA, FMLA, etc.). We are focused on helping customers mitigate legal liability, and our partnership with a national employment law firm will give you an added level of legal expertise and guidance only WorkSTEPS can provide.

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Ben Hoffman, Chief Medical Officer

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