Drug & Alcohol Testing

An effective substance abuse program that reinforces workplace wellness, improves safety and strengthens investment in high-quality employees.

WorkSTEPS Drug & Alcohol Testing is a foundational service that can reduce the risk and costs associated with preventable accidents. Additionally, all testing services are HIPAA compliant, ensuring you and your candidates’ information remains protected.

Drug and Medical Screening Services

In many positions, nothing is more important than having a clear mind and sober thinking. When hiring new employees or reviewing current employees, a company needs to know if they are under the influence of any prohibited substances. Whether their position requires driving, heavy lifting, or merely the ability to think clearly, sobriety is an unquestioned necessity. Businesses also need to confirm immunizations and other health checks to maintain a healthy work environment and avoid the spreading of disease.

WorkSTEPS offers quick and accurate drug and medical screening, which has improved the quality of new hires and long-serving employees for businesses across the country.

The drug and medical screening services at WorkSTEPS help make sure that new and seasoned employees can meet all requirements of the job, including being sober, staying healthy, and remaining focused every day. Removing any doubt about the sobriety of employees can provide important reassurance to employers, while also helping screen those who may appear at first to be ideal for a position. Keeping immunizations current for all employees avoids severe costs for healthcare and serious delays in work from illness spreading.

The drug and medical screening services we offer include:

  • 5-Panel Standard Urinalysis Drug Screening

    One of the most critical pre-employment tests and WorkSTEPS can provide it anywhere around the globe, whether in an employment facility or at a local collection location. In the 5-Panel version, tests are run for the most common drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and phencyclidine (PCP). Results are returned in 1 day for negative specimens and in 3 days for non-negative specimens. Our lab partners can offer convenient locations for testing almost anywhere. If a lab location isn’t within 15 minutes, we will work with local medical facilities to provide for testing.
  • 10-Panel Standard Urinalysis Drug Screening

    More extensive than the 5 Panel urinalysis, the 10-Panel screen can pick up traces of slightly less common drugs, including the 5-panel drugs (marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, phencyclidine), as well as: barbiturates, methadone, methaqualone, benzodiazepines, and propoxyphene. Negative results are returned in 1 day, and non-negative results are returned in 3 days.
  • Department of Transportation Drug Screening

    WorkSTEPS can offer screenings that are in complete compliance with the requirements from the Department of Transportation. All tests can take place at locations convenient to the business and the employee. For those who are not within 15 minutes of one of our lab partners, we will work with local medical facilities to find a convenient location.

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