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From screening and testing your employees to return-to-work guidance and policy development, WorkSTEPS partners with your organization to support your response to the threat of COVID-19 in the workplace.

There is growing consensus among healthcare experts that employers
will be critical in assessing employee health and conducting COVID-19 testing prior to returning employees to work. We believe that now, more than ever, employers need our support responding to the Coronavirus pandemic as the economy reopens.

With a full occupational medicine department and a 35-year track record of improving workplace health and safety, WorkSTEPS recognizes the unique challenges employers face and is uniquely positioned to help.

Onsite Screening & Testing

WorkSTEPS partners with employers to deliver onsite temperature checks and antibody and PCR testing.

We put medical professionals onsite to rapidly test your workforce as they arrive for work or throughout the workday. Our flexible, turnkey programs integrate with and strengthen your company’s COVID-19 response strategy.

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Onsite testing & temperature checks

Virtual Screening

WorkSTEPS will screen your workforce daily for COVID-19 risk before they arrive at work. You can choose to have the screen take place via phone call, text, or email to your employees.

Screening questions follow CDC guidance and are meant to assess risk of infection. We can also record self-administered thermometer readings for enhanced screening. If an employee answers positively to any screener questions or has a high body temperature, we immediately escalate their case and connect them with an occupational medicine clinician for a telehealth clinical assessment.

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Virtual screening

Telehealth Clinical Assessments

Clinical assessment–where an occupational medicine clinician reviews symptoms and health history in order make clear recommendations for the employee and employer–is vital to mitigating the spread of COVID-19  and ensuring employees are safe to return to work.

By immediately connecting at-risk employees with clinicians, employers increase the overall effectiveness of their COVID-19 response strategies and get clear guidance from professionals.

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Telehealth clinical assessments

Test Kit Supply

Employers will play a large role in testing Americans and determining likely immunity, which is necessary for the return-to-work process.

Antibody tests detect two COVID-19 immune responses – early-stage IgM antibodies and late-stage IgG antibodies, which help determine likely immunity and aid in return-to-work decisions. Antibody tests are available as a point-of-care product or as a lab-based test. PCR tests detect the viral genetic material of COVID-19 and indicate active infection. PCR tests are lab-based. Both test types are useful in the occupational setting and WorkSTEPS can provide guidance on how to test your workforce.

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Antibody Test Kit Supply

Quarantine & Isolation Monitoring

We remotely monitor your employees with phone calls and text to ensure recovery and access to medical care.

Employees infected with COVID-19 or potentially exposed to infected people will need to isolate or quarantine themselves for up to 14 days, depending on recommendations from our occupational medicine clinicians. When necessary, our occupational medicine clinicians may recommend employees seek additional medical care, including testing.


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Quarantine / Isolation Monitoring

Contact Tracing

Our medical team helps your organization track contact among employees which could result in infection or disease breakout in the workplace.

WorkSTEPS works in close coordination with your managers to conduct contact tracing and mitigate the threat of COVID-19. A combination of manager training and virtual health assessments of potentially exposed employees, contact tracing helps employers decide on testing, quarantine/isolation, and return-to-work in high-risk situations.

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COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Fractional Medical Director Consulting

Is your organization in need of guidance or policy development related to COVID-19? Businesses without a medical director can benefit from our physician consultants in responding to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to pandemic response and business continuity planning, we consult on a wide range of issues, including return-to-work programs, work-related injuries, policy and regulatory compliance, workplace exposure risk assessment and mitigation, critical health incident management, health benefits and wellness program design, and much more.

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Policy Development, Fractional Medical Director Consulting

COVID 19 Testing & Retun to Work: Key Consideration for the Workplace

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COVID 19 Testing & Retun to Work
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