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Standard Industrial Classification Testing

As an employer, you want to make sure that every employee you hire has the right skills, qualifications, and physical ability to handle the job. Standard Industrial Classification Testing can help streamline the recruitment and training process and ultimately may help reduce costly turnover. We are here to help you with your functional employment testing needs and have extensive experience assisting employers in industries including (but not limited to):

Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing – Employers in these highly-specialized industries need employees who have the right knowledge and physical abilities to withstand the demands of these positions.

Mining – Jobs in the mining industry involve the use of heavy machinery and specialized tools in an often-dangerous work environment.

Construction – Working in the construction industry often requires advanced skills, knowledge and training, and the use of specialized equipment. These jobs also often place large physical demands on employees, so ensuring a candidate’s physical ability to handle the task is essential.

Manufacturing – Employees in the manufacturing industry often need to operate highly specialized machinery, lift heavy objects, and perform other physically demanding or repetitive tasks.

Transportation, Communication, Electric, Gas, and Sanitary Services – Positions in these extremely focused fields need employees who are familiar with the tools, equipment, and vehicles are necessary to perform their duties. They may also need specialized training or qualifications. Safety is paramount when working with hazardous materials or dangerous work environments, so hiring responsible, safety-focused employees is paramount.

Wholesale Trade – Workers in wholesale trade must be familiar with the industry and the methodology behind the business. Make sure you get the right candidates you need through focused, tailored testing.

Retail Trade – Much like wholesale trade, retail trade positions need candidates who understand the field and know how to perform their required duties to the very best of their ability.

Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate – These fields not only demand focused education and certification, but they also need conscientious employees who can make independent decisions that are in the best interest of the client and the company.

Public Administration – Make sure that your employees have the right education credentials and certifications to handle a position in the demanding field of public administration.

Jobs in these demanding fields may include either serious physical demands or may require advanced education and specialization. In specific industries, the machinery, and equipment that the employee will be required to use require specific training and certifications to operate. Make sure that you get the right candidates for open positions, and feel confident that the employees you hire have the right qualifications and skills for the jobs you place them in.

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