Safety, Compliance & Injury Prevention

Safety & Industrial Hygiene Services make up a range of services which help our clients bolster health and safety in their workplaces.

WorkSTEPS can help you develop and implement a Health, Safety, & Environment (HSE) strategy that not only aligns with your company’s strategic vision, but also keeps up with ever-changing regulatory requirements.  

Our team of safety experts also perform worksite environmental analysis to determine exposure levels of occupational hazards which require attentive monitoring through Medical Surveillance. Medical Surveillance programs, including those monitoring levels of respirable silica dust in your workforce, are vital to workplace health, safety, and OSHA compliance.  

Our Fractional Medical Director Consultants oversee your Medical Surveillance programs to ensure quality and compliance. Our experienced physicians also aid in resolving complex occupational issues as they arise, proving an invaluable resource when it is needed.  

Drug & Alcohol Testing is a necessity for all safety-sensitive positions. Our screening programs ensure your employees and candidates are safe to perform their jobs unlikely to cause harm to themselves or others. Our experienced Medical Review Officers (MRO) review positive drug screens to make sure those with lawful prescriptions can still work, adding a level of assurance to hiring processes and protecting you from legal scrutiny.  

Job Task analysis & Functional Job Descriptions ensure that employers have formally documented the essential functions of all employment positions, quantified the actual physical demands associated with those employment positions, and captured certification requirements and other compliance considerations.

Employers using the WorkSTEPS EHS DataHub will input the job analysis information and functional job descriptions into the DataHub to ensure that workers are safely placed in positions that do not exceed their physical capacity, and that all employees are compliant with their certification and regulatory requirements.  

To learn more about how WorkSTEPS can assist in creating a culture of safety, compliance, and accountability, contact us!

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