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We are committed to helping people treat sleep apnea and improve their quality of life. Our managed programs are easy to implement and tailored to meet your business needs.

While your employment candidates may seem qualified on paper, how can you be sure they’re physically safe to do the job? WorkSTEPS Pre-Employment Post-Offer Functional Employment Testing is designed and administered to help you determine if a candidate is capable of safely performing the essential functions of the job they’ve been offered.

  • Road Safety
    Commercial drivers with untreated sleep apnea are 5 times more likely to crash, according to researchers.
  • Medical Costs
    Untreated sleep apnea means increased healthcare costs. Research suggests that untreated sleep apnea costs the US economy nearly $150 billion per year.
  • Productivity
    Untreated sleep apnea often means decreased productivity, as workers are more likely to miss work, have long-term sick leave, and experience permanent disability.

Employee and Employer Benefits

Testing and treatment costs are easily offset by savings associated with fewer accidents and insurance claims, decreased driver medical costs, and increased driver productivity.

  • Decreased insurance claims
  • Decreased crash risk
  • Ensured regulatory compliance

Complete Sleep Apnea Risk Management

Our managed programs are easy to implement and tailored to meet your business needs.

  • Risk Screening
  • Rapid Home Testing
  • CPAP Treatment
  • Compliance Monitoring

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