Other Services

In keeping with our mission of improving workplace safety, WorkSTEPS offers an series of supplemental wellness programs that, when coupled with WorkSTEPS testing, will create for a safer, more productive workplace.

Early Intervention

WorkSTEPS recently partnered with San Antonio-based Fit for Work to merge Fit For Work’s early intervention and prevention programs with WorkSTEPS’ scientific pre-employment post-offer testing, offering warehouse distribution and manufacturing employers two tools proven to reduce workplace injuries, lower workers’ compensation costs, and increase productivity.

The partnership focuses on injury prevention rather than injury management, and will result in increased productivity and lower costs for companies over a wide spectrum of key indicators, such as lost time, restricted duty, overall workers’ compensation costs, and OSHA incident rates.  Companies will see a reduction in cases and costs, while experiencing increases in profitability and productivity.

Medical Management Services

Employers contact WorkSTEPS as a resource to provide innovative “single point of contact” to address the entire continuum of medical management, beginning with prevention and throughout the claims and injury management process to achieve maximum work-injury reductions through medical and functional testing. This proprietary system of policies, procedures, and processes can assist in identifying areas of risk and provide needed solutions in prevention, safety ergonomics, loss control, claims management, early return-to-work, and rapid claims closure. To help move the employee through the system more efficiently, and oversee the healthcare provider network, medical professionals accomplish the following:

  • Become employer advocates
  • Control unnecessary treatment
  • Implement innovative proprietary processes
  • Provide direct interaction with the employers

These systems and processes work together to provide:

  • Aggressive injury process management
  • Facilitating early return to work
  • Quality clinical outcomes
  • Case resolution
  • Prevention & Pre-injury services
  • Early Intervention
  • Wellness

The combination of these services in our medical and functional testing results in significant, measurable reductions in work injuries and associated costs.


Wellness solutions are designed around unique and effective health coaching. Individually-tailored behavior modification programs are designed specific to each client’s corporate culture, goals, and financial constraints. Wellness goals may include getting fit, improving eating habits, losing weight, reducing stress, or smoking cessation.

Onsite wellness programs include:

  • Blood pressure management
  • Cholesterol management
  • Diabetes education
  • Pre- and post-natal health.
  • Self-management of chronic conditions

In order for wellness programs to be successful, individual proactive outreach and ongoing support is critical. The individualized focus extends across a range of offerings, from customized programs to turnkey solutions. Contact WorkSTEPS for more information on medical and functional testing.

Education & WorkSTEPS University

WorkSTEPS endeavors to be current and up-to-date on emerging legal issues, new laws, and trends that impact  the use and management of our functional testing products.  By educating employers on the benefits of functional employment testing, WorkSTEPS demonstrates a commitment to helping employers manage and maintain a healthy workforce.   We offer online training and webinars on “hot topics” related to the legalities and compliance of functional employment testing that satisfy the laws which govern workplace safety and health such as the ADA, ADAAA, GINA, and FMLA.   Please click here (insert link) for a calendar of events detailing seminars near you, or visit the WorkSTEPS University for web-based training at WorkSTEPS U.