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Manage Employee Injuries & Return to Work

When an ill or injured employee returns to work in a safe and timely manner, everyone wins.

However, whether an injury or illness is work- or non-work-related, the safe and timely return of an injured or ill employee cannot be taken for granted. If not strategically and deliberately managed, injuries will often be misdiagnosed, expectations regarding when an employee can safely return to work will typically be based on population-based estimates rather than patient data, inefficient scheduling will delay important diagnosis and treatment decisions, and care fragmentation will waste time and money. WorkSTEPS can work with you to determine your return to work strategy; we have the people and processes needed to advocate for your employees throughout the recovery process; and we have the systems and proprietary software needed to do it all consistently and in compliance with the law.

Injury Triage and Medical Management

The right care at the right time. When your company doesn’t have an onsite medical professional or clinic, or you need injury triage support to supplement your clinic staff, our team of trained and experienced clinicians can provide 24/7 pre-claim telephonic injury assessment, so you can rest easy knowing injured employees will receive the right level of care.

Medical Management

Ill or injured employees benefit from timely and appropriate claims handling that expedites safe return to work. WorkSTEPS Medical Management will assign a medical professional to help employers work with their medical providers and claims administrators to establish appropriate return-to-work expectations, medical treatment timeline protocols, navigate the healthcare system, and adhere to a recovery plan that safely and appropriately returns employees to work.

Transitional Duty Program Management

Sometimes returning to work is a journey. WorkSTEPS Transitional Duty Programs will work with you and your injured employee to create a personalized return to work strategy, identifying modified work assignments they can perform so they can return to work as quickly and as safely as possible.

Return to Work Fit for Duty Exams

Before an employee returns to work following an injury, illness, or surgery, you want to assess their capacity to safely perform their job. WorkSTEPS Return to Work Fit for Duty (FFD) testing will inform your dialog with an employee about potential next steps, which may include returning to their job, returning to a different job at least temporarily, and/or undergoing additional rehabilitation.

A Fit-for-Duty evaluation is administered to a current employee post-injury through an injury management program. A Fit-for-Duty Evaluation is a functional capacity test that focuses only on the injured part of the body used in a job specific task, rather than a comprehensive exam. In compliance with EEOC mandates, a medical examination of a current employee may be given only when it is “job related and consistent with business necessity”.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Return-to-work decisions must be data-driven. WorkSTEPS is a pioneer in using evidence-based, full-body Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) to inform decision-making throughout an employee’s recovery and return to work process.


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