Background Checks

Quickly uncover potential problems or inconsistencies related to a candidate’s criminal record, financial background, job experience or education.

We offer a variety of legally-compliant background checks to meet your specific requirements, including candidate history with the criminal justice system, financial/credit ratings, education verification, and more. We perform as much or as little screening on potential new hires as you deem necessary.

What you get with WorkSTEPS background checks

  • Investigation to meet your needs

    We offer a variety of legally-compliant background checks to meet your specific requirements, including candidate history with the criminal justice system, financial/credit ratings, education verification, and more. We perform as much or as little screening on potential new hires as you deem necessary.
  • Accurate, objective information
WorkSTEPS Background Checks will provide you with all the in-depth, objective, and personal background information you need to ensure every new employee is a good fit for your company.
  • A partner who understands your need for speed

    You need to move from offer to a hire decision quickly. WorkSTEPS Background Checks can provide you with the facts you need in less than one business day in many cases, or in just a few days.

Background check types

Employee screening services

By obtaining as much information as possible on an applicant, hiring managers can remove some of the uncertainty in the hiring process. Being aware of previous missteps or potential elisions in an application allows the company to weigh the consequences of hiring a potentially untrustworthy applicant. It also provides an opportunity for an applicant to explain and defend themselves and perhaps justify their actions or statements.

Conducting proper research before hiring allows the business to either start a new relationship with a new employee on a sound and more confident footing, or else dismiss those applicants who prove to be less than upfront. Either way, the business can act with complete knowledge and the security of its position.

Our Employee Screening Services are available for those who want to know more specific elements of an employee’s history. With these searches, an employer can get beyond the standard background checks that most companies run and find out information that may be critical to the choice to offer future employment to an applicant.

WorkSTEPS offers quick and accurate background searches. Our searches have given employers on both a regional and national level the extra information required to ensure future success.

Types of employee screening searches we handle:

  • Social Security Number Background
  • Use of Multi-Jurisdiction Database with or without Aliases
  • Driving Record Background
  • Department of Transportation Driving Record Report
  • State District Court/County Court Criminal History Check
  • County Court Criminal History Check
  • Federal District Court Criminal History Check
  • Statewide Criminal History Check
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Employment credit report
  • Specialized database search

Resume verification services

When bringing in new expertise to a company, it is essential that a person is who they say they are. Although most people are honest about their qualifications, there will always be those who believe they can learn the necessary skills on the job and can fake their knowledge until they are caught up.

This intellectual fraud can cause serious problems for a business. Uncountable mistakes, missteps, and missed opportunities may present themselves before the new hire is either up to speed or exposed. These issues can lead to the loss of revenue, business partners, or clients. In some cases, a particularly unqualified hire placed in a high-level position can do lasting damage to the company.

WorkSTEPS‘ verification services only require a short window to complete, from 1 to 3 days. The verification services we offer include:

  • Previous employment check
  • Previous education check
  • Thorough reference screening
  • Professional licenses and cerification check

Healthcare-related searches

Healthcare is essential for employees within any organization; it provides all the prevention, treatment, and pain management that are so crucial for every person. For those who are in the business of providing healthcare, it is, therefore, all the more critical that every medical professional has the right qualifications and experience.

There are multiple reasons for this. Perhaps the most obvious and most consequential is that better doctors and nurses provide better care for those who need it. For those in the healthcare profession, this must be the highest priority.

A significant secondary concern, however, is protection for a business or hospital. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who are incapable of providing the best care to their patients leave themselves exposed to complaints, negative reviews, bad word of mouth, and potential lawsuits. These issues can cost enormous amounts of money and require even more resources to defend against. The damage to your organization can, in some cases, be permanent.

To protect yourself against such problems and to ensure the best care for all patients, use WorkSTEPS healthcare-related searches to find out more about all the medical professionals who apply to or already work for your business.

All of our healthcare-related searches are quick and accurate. They are completed in 2 to 4 hours. The results provided by WorkSTEPS have been used successfully throughout the country and have already helped many business and hospitals ensure their medical staff is always of the highest quality.

The healthcare-related searches we offer include:

  • Facis III search
  • Helathcare integrity and protection data bank (HIPDB) search
  • National practitioner data bank (NPDB) search

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