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Physical Abilities Validity Evaluator (PAVE™)

If you need an extra measure of protection from legal liability, consider using WorkSTEPS’ proprietary Physical Abilities Validity Evaluator (PAVE™) process. PAVE™ is designed to validate and ensure legal defensibility of Physical Abilities Tests for a wide variety of jobs across a range of industries. When used in conjunction with Job Task Analysis & Job Descriptions, PAVE™ offers you an added layer of legal protection by validating each job classification against federal requirements set by the federal Uniform Guidelines of Employee Selection Procedures, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act.

What You Get When WorkSTEPS Works for You

A Partner to Meet Your Specific Needs

Depending on your specific needs, PAVE™ validation can be used in conjunction with a targeted Job Analysis, where we analyze only the most physically demanding and essential functions of the job. Or you can use PAVE™ with a comprehensive Job Analysis so that all the essential and marginal functions of a job are quantified, rated, and validated. We are happy to work with you and your team to figure out which positions should be analyzed, and at what depth they should be analyzed.

Added Confidence that You’ll be Compliant

WorkSTEPS is committed to helping customers mitigate liability risk. In conjunction with our Job Task Analysis process, PAVE™ ensures that all Physical Ability Tests meet or exceed federal Uniform Guidelines of Employee Selection, 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requirements. Our PAVE™ validation report offers you an unprecedented degree of legal defensibility you won’t see anywhere else on the market today.

A Partner, Not a Vendor

PAVE™ helps streamline data collection during Job Analysis so we can more effectively and efficiently collaborate with you and your team to create the most accurate and compliant functional job descriptions, job classifications, and Physical Ability Tests.

Want the added legal protection PAVE™ can offer you and your team? WorkSTEPS Physical Abilities Validity Evaluator (PAVE™) can ensure your Physical Ability Tests are compliant and legally defensible. Contact us at (512) 617-4100 today to learn more about our proprietary software and how it can benefit you.

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Physical Assessment Tests

Employers require pre-employment physical exams because they benefit both the worker and the employer. It will demonstrate whether the employee has the ability to handle the stress and strain of the position. These tests also help preclude certain liability claims against the employer. Usually, these tests will begin with a physical ability test to determine whether the worker has the capacity to perform the job.

The Assessment

A physical assessment test will measure the physical ability of the potential worker, and is often required when the job includes manual or hard labor. This can be done by asking them to perform the task they will be doing once employed or it will gauge the strength of the muscle group predominately utilized for these tasks. The person performing the duties must be fully aware of what is expected out of them

Often times, it will begin as any normal physical exam. The potential employee will provide their medical history, have their vitals checked, and get their hearing and vision checked. As with any basic physical, the applicant’s heart rate, and respiratory capacity will be evaluated to clear them for any laborious duties.

Other physical abilities that may be tested during these assessments are stamina, flexibility, and strength. Employers want to ensure that their employees can lift a certain amount of weight, perform in certain conditions, and perform routine duties of the job. The assessment will ask the employee to perform an exercise that will show their endurance, balance, speed, flexibility, and their all-around capabilities.


There are many benefits of requiring a physical assessment for a pre-employment test. First and foremost, it efficiently informs employers which potential workers will be able to perform the tasks best and who can’t perform them up to their standard. This promotes productivity in the workplace and reduces costs from a workers’ compensation claim.

Business costs, in general, can decrease because of a physical assessment. By identifying capable workers, fewer injuries will result on the job. An employer does not need to guess whether or not a worker will be a risk of slowing down their business. Furthermore, applicants cannot lie in a physical ability test. In interviews, potential employees can craft responses suited to the employer’s needs. However, they cannot fake performing a physical task well.

Employees also benefit from this physical assessment as well. A physical ability test allows the worker to perform tasks that are essential to the job. These tests can better inform applicants on whether they want to do this for a living. They get a real, first-hand experience rather than a watered-down description of the tasks.


Employers are subject to certain requirements when conducting physical assessments. These tests can only be required for applicants if all other candidates for similar jobs were also required. Similarly, the test required of one must be the same test required for everyone. A business cannot modify the test based on gender, age, or race.

A physical assessment exam must not invade an applicant’s privacy. An employer cannot try to discover whether or not a candidate has a disability or not by requiring a certain type of exam. Businesses also cannot refuse a person with a disability if it is coupled with a reasonable accommodation.

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