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Resumé Verification Services

When bringing in new expertise to a company, it is essential that a person is who they say they are. Although most people are honest about their qualifications, there will always be those who believe they can learn the necessary skills on the job and can fake their knowledge until they are caught up.

This intellectual fraud can cause serious problems for a business. Uncountable mistakes, missteps, and missed opportunities may present themselves before the new hire is either up to speed or exposed. These issues can lead to the loss of revenue, business partners, or clients. In some cases, a particularly unqualified hire placed in a high-level position can do lasting damage to the company.

All of this can be avoided by using the verification services provided by WorkSTEPS. At WorkSTEPS, our background check experts can examine every aspect of an applicant’s biography to make sure nothing has been left out or erroneously added.

Not all biographical lies will be glaring on the first inspection. A potential new employee may add extra months or years to a job they held or may claim to have graduated from a graduate school they attended only briefly. The fast and precise verification services found at WorkSTEPS can catch these errors, lies, or omissions. We offer a variety of verifications to make sure every element of an application is as accurate as possible. Our verification services have been employed by businesses across the country with exceedingly positive results.

WorkSTEPS‘ verification services only require a short window to complete, from 1 to 3 days. The verification services we offer include:

Previous Employment Check

Prior work experience is often a key factor in earning an interview and a real chance at an open position. It is for that reason that many people will stretch the truth about their work history to get in the front door. WorkSTEPS works to verify all claims of past work experience by attempting to contact all listed previous employers three times. These efforts can include any number of methods of contact, including phone calls, email, fax, letters, or third-party web services. If contact is made, WorkSTEPS will verify information about the company, the applicant’s position, the dates of employment, and eligibility to be rehired (or, in other words, whether the applicant would be welcomed back). If after three efforts, WorkSTEPS cannot reach a business, the verification process will be closed, although future communications with the company will lead to an update of the file.

Previous Education Check

A strong educational background is key to most advanced positions. WorkSTEPS can verify whether an applicant has the education claimed on a resume by contacting all educational facilities mentioned during the application process. WorkSTEPS will attempt to contact each institution three times. These efforts may be by phone, email, fax, letter, or other means. Once contact is made, WorkSTEPS will verify whether the applicant attended the institution, the dates of attendance, major areas of study, and degrees earned. If after three attempts, Work STEPS cannot reach the institution, the verification process will be closed, although future contact will allow for updates to the applicant’s file.

Thorough Reference Screening

While references are often contacted by businesses, not all businesses are thorough in the process. WorkSTEPS not only verifies a reference but works with the hiring business to develop a questionnaire that can add insight into the work and education of the applicant. All answers are recorded verbatim to remove any chance of misinterpretation. WorkSTEPS will make three separate attempts to contact every reference and to gather answers to the entire questionnaire.

Professional Licenses and Certification Check

Some positions require specific licenses or certifications to qualify. To ensure that an applicant has the qualifications claimed on their resume, WorkSTEPS will contact the source of the license or certification. Once reached, WorkSTEPS will find out the type of license or certification, whether it remains active, the date it was issued, and any restrictions placed upon it.

Verifying the background of a potential new employee allows a business to be confident the person walking in the door has the knowledge and experience to take on all the responsibilities of a new job immediately. Whether misinformation was placed on an application by mistake or out of more malicious motivations, an employer needs to know where the record is incorrect so the best decision can be made on whether to hire the person or not.

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While many companies offer verification services, few of them have the experience in providing quality applicant screening found at WorkSTEPS. WorkSTEPS has worked for decades on the local and national level, assisting in the hiring process for millions. Because of our work, businesses have reported a 40-50% reduction in Worker’s Compensation and related claims. Contact WorkSTEPS today at (512) 617-4100 to find out more about how our verification services can help your business.

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