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Healthcare-Related Searches

Healthcare is essential for employees within any organization; it provides all the prevention, treatment, and pain management that are so crucial for every person. For those who are in the business of providing healthcare, it is, therefore, all the more critical that every medical professional has the right qualifications and experience.

There are multiple reasons for this. Perhaps the most obvious and most consequential is that better doctors and nurses provide better care for those who need it. For those in the healthcare profession, this must be the highest priority.

A significant secondary concern, however, is protection for a business or hospital. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who are incapable of providing the best care to their patients leave themselves exposed to complaints, negative reviews, bad word of mouth, and potential lawsuits. These issues can cost enormous amounts of money and require even more resources to defend against. The damage to your organization can, in some cases, be permanent.

To protect yourself against such problems and to ensure the best care for all patients, use WorkSTEPS healthcare-related searches to find out more about all the medical professionals who apply to or already work for your business.

All of our healthcare-related searches are quick and accurate. They are completed in 2 to 4 hours. The results provided by WorkSTEPS have been used successfully throughout the country and have already helped many business and hospitals ensure their medical staff is always of the highest quality.

Healthcare-Related Searches from WorkSTEPS


The highest level of the Fraud and Abuse Control Information System, this search can help avoid hiring medical professionals who have already had disciplinary issues elsewhere. By using FACIS III, you provide a level of protection for yourself and your reputation from the potential damage done by those who have already caused harm elsewhere.

FACIS III provides searches for disciplinary action in the healthcare field for individuals or entities at the most extensive level. These searches include looking through the Office of the Inspector General and General Services Administration, as well as other federal sources, like the Food and Drug Administration and Drug Enforcement Agency, for disciplinary action. On top of that, a search is done using over 800 sources in the 50 states. This combines both federal-level and state-level information to make sure nothing goes missing.

Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB) Search

In order to further delve into the history of medical professionals, WorkSTEPS uses the HIPDB database. The HIPDB stores information related to fraud and abuse in the healthcare system. It does so by collecting data from state and federal licensing agencies, government agencies, and state and federal prosecutors.

The HIPDB can tell you about the loss of licenses and certifications by an individual, as well as criminal convictions and civil judgments that are connected to the healthcare industry. Other information available through the HIPDB includes whether any medical professional is excluded from participation in any federal or state healthcare programs, particularly Medicare and Medicaid.

National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) Search

The twin database to the NIPDB is the NPDB, which focuses more on medical malpractice. Information in the NPDB is pulled from more than 19,700 entities, including hospitals, licensing agencies, state boards, and medical malpractice payers.

The NPDB allows you to discover whether there have been severe missteps committed by a potential new medical employee. Among other information, the NPDB can disclose whether payments have been made on behalf of an individual in a medical malpractice case. Also found here are adverse action reports, which provide information on whether that individual has had any adverse actions in regard to various society memberships, clinical privileges, or licenses and certifications. The system is designed to catch those who require a comprehensive review of their professional credentials. For that reason, it is a valuable resource for those who are interested in hiring new medical professionals, or who have concerns about those who are already employed.

Using the healthcare-related searches from WorkSTEPS provides in-depth information on employees who have profound importance for the patients they see and for the company they represent. Making sure every doctor, nurse, and other medical professional newly hired and continually employed by your business has a history of severe mistakes that required severe punishment. This helps make sure everyone who works for your organization is someone with integrity, skill, and capability.

The benefits of this include better service to patients, a better reputation for your organization, and a far lower risk of unexpected expenses, such as medical malpractice claims. To avoid these risks, employ the healthcare-related searches available at WorkSTEPS.

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