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Assess Worker Ability to Meet Job Demands

Hire Smart. Employee-Job Fit Means Fewer Injuries, Lower Costs and More

When you hire employees capable of meeting the physical demands of their jobs, you expect injury rates and related costs will go down— but the benefits don’t end there. Improving employee-job fit also improves employee retention, reduces lost time, lowers health care costs and decreases accident rates. As the pioneer in scientifically-based, medically-safe, and legally-compliant assessment programs, WorkSTEPS can help you make well-informed, objective and legally-defensible employment decisions so your next hire is a smart hire.

Job Task Analysis & Job Descriptions

Set a sturdy foundation for making well-informed and legally-compliant employment decisions by having WorkSTEPS develop functional job descriptions based on precise measurement of job requirements.

Physical Ability Validity Evaluator (PAVE™)

WorkSTEPS can provide you with an added layer of legal protection by ensuring all physical ability tests used by your company meet or exceed Federal Uniform Guidelines of Employee Selection, 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requirements.

Post-Offer Functional Employment Testing

Good on paper isn’t good enough. WorkSTEPS Post-Offer Functional Employment Testing provides clear and objective information about a job candidate’s ability to safely perform the essential physical functions of the position you’ve offered, enabling you to make a well-informed and legally-defensible employment decision.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Proactively manage the health and wellbeing of your workforce, the safety of your workplace, and the integrity of your business. WorkSTEPS certified laboratory testing (hair/urine/saliva) can be administered as a part of the hiring process, at random, post-accident, or under reasonable suspicion.

Background Checks

WorkSTEPS offers a variety of legally-compliant background checks to meet your specific requirements, including candidate history with the criminal justice system, to financial/credit ratings, to education verification.

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