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Respiratory Mask Fit Testing

For those who work in industries that require a respiratory mask, making sure every mask fits correctly can make all the difference not just to the completion of the worker’s tasks, but to their overall health. Masks that don’t fit properly can let in harmful particles, from dust, to smoke, to fumes, to gases, and more. These particles, when allowed into the body can cause any number of reactions, from temporary breathing difficulty and an accelerated heart rate to cancer, lung disease, and even death.

For both health and business reasons, therefore, it is crucial that masks fit perfectly whenever they are in use.

To ensure every mask is capable of keeping out all harmful particles, businesses should use the tests available through WorkSTEPS. Our tests are quick and accurate, and in compliance with OSHA, allowing your company to move forward with confidence in the protection being offered your employees.

WorkSTEPS Respiratory Mask Fit Testing Services

Respirator Mask Fit Test

This quick, basic test ensures that the mask fits securely on the individual employee’s face. The employer has merely to inform WorkSTEPS which type of mask will be used, and WorkSTEPS can then adjust the mask. This test works for both half- and full-sized masks.

OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire

A more thorough investigation into not just whether a mask fits but whether the individual is healthy enough to proceed with the work that requires the mask. A questionnaire is provided for the employee who seeks to discover any pre-existing conditions that may be affected by working with the harmful particles that require a mask for safety. These pre-existing conditions may be respiratory, cardiac, or neuromuscular, or another concern. All pre-existing conditions are further explained by the employee on a separate form. The questionnaire and a separate form are then reviewed by a medical doctor, and all pre-existing conditions are flagged and then further reviewed by the doctor and the employee. After the interview, the doctor will then determine whether the employee is capable of performing the work.

If some questions remain, the doctor may ask whether the employee would like to sign a “hold harmless,” which would remove responsibility from the business, or if they would rather pursue further medical tests to see if they can be physically cleared for the work. Once these decisions are made, the employee is then fitted for a mask.

Occupational Medical Services

For those employees who require further testing, WorkSTEPS has a variety of options available to ensure complete physical health compliance or to further investigate conditions. Among other things, WorkSTEPS can provide physicals, urinalysis, and many different blood work tests. More can be found out about these tests and others on our occupations medical services page.

Providing for the health of employees is among the most important aspects of running a business. That is doubly so for those who work with materials that can be hazardous to their employee’s health. The risks, as highlighted above, are significant, so every precaution must be taken.

WorkSTEPS can take those precautions for employees by handling physicals, mask fittings, and medical histories in an efficient, accurate, and professional manner. By working with WorkSTEPS, employers can ensure the best health safety for employees.

To avoid the potential risks associated with ill-fitting masks or employees whose health may not be optimal for the work, use WorkSTEPS‘ respiratory mask fitting tests for all your employees.

Why use WorkSTEPS

With decades of experience working with companies all across the country, WorkSTEPS has performed millions of successful employment tests. Our work has helped businesses decrease turnover, increase productivity, all while creating a safer work environment.

Those changes have had real effects on bottom lines and employee satisfaction. At the same time, the tests done by WorkSTEPS have helped reduce Workers’ Compensation claims by 40 to 50 percent.

No matter what tests you need to be done to keep your business staffed by the most qualified employees and keep your business running well, WorkSTEPS can help. Call WorkSTEPS today at (512) 617-4100 to find out more about our respiratory mask fitting tests, or to learn more about the other tests we provide.

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