WSU Registration


To Register for the ADAAA Training or The Benefits of Functional Testing, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to this site:
  2. Enter contact information, register, and enroll
    • Enter “N/A” for the “Medical License Number” and “Provider ID” fields
    • USER ID is your email address
    • You provide your own password within the software
    • Leave Date format “as is”
    • Click “Process Registration” once completed
    • Click “Classes – Available” and click the Enroll Icon next to the “The New ADA”
    • Click “Enroll Now”
    • Credit Card information screen will appear; THIS PROCESS is NOT REQUIRED: Click the “Student Home Page” link in the TOP RIGHT HAND corner of the screen
    • Click the  “Courses Enrolled” tab to see the class you are currently enrolled.
    • Click the ENTER Icon to start the course.