The role the Sincerity of Effort test has in ensuring a safe and fraud-free workplace

By scientifically measuring an injured worker’s functional capacity, it ensures that the worker is safe and ready to perform assigned work duties.

Measuring the capability of an injured worker to return to work is crucial for both the employees and the employers. For the employers, an accurate functional capacity test also lowers the possibility of a feigned disability, which may translate into costly payouts for false workers’ compensation claims or paid time off.

It is therefore important to have a system that measures the real functional capacity of an injured worker. At WorkSTEPS, we offer X-RTS (Cross Reference Testing System) Hand Strength Assessment to objectively evaluate the sincere effort of an injured worker. This highly-accurate system allows the employers to determine feigned weaknesses from maximum, sincere efforts.

At WorkSTEPS, our team helps employers ensure workers’ safety and avoid unnecessary workers’ comp costs by providing them with a system that scientifically evaluates sincerity of effort. Call us at (512) 617-4100 to know more about how our X-RTS Hand Strength Assessment might be able to help you and your business.

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