RECOVERY READY - Safely Returning People to Work as We Emerge From the Pandemic

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We are headed into a uniquely challenging time‒a post-pandemic boom time when many companies will find that the capacity of their workforce is insufficient to meet customer demand and opportunities for growth.

And as explained in our new perspective paper, the challenge is compounded by a number of factors, including: 1) pandemic-related mental health issues and physical deconditioning of many who have been out of work for several months; 2) long-term health effects suffered by some who have had COVID-19; and 3) an evolving and more watchful regulatory environment.

Many of our employer clients have reached out regarding the challenges they’re facing related to these issues. We believe that overcoming the challenges to meet demand and capitalize on growth opportunities requires more than a program, it requires a strategy. In Recovery Ready, we’ve outlined the forces and factors that employers are confronting as we emerge from the pandemic, and describe an integrated, strategic approach that will enable companies to safely return people to work and bring on new hires to accelerate operations and achieve production and growth targets. I invite you to download your copy of Recovery Ready, and to use it to inspire your thinking about how to meet the unique challenges of this post-pandemic boom-time economy.

An Integrated Approach

The integrated approach we recommend features four elements:


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