Featured Article: Why I Opened a Home Sleep Test-Only Private Practice

At WorkSTEPS, we are grateful to have highly qualified medical experts contributing to our team. This article features one of our consulting physicians, Dr. Vikas Jain, a board certified and fellowship trained Sleep Medicine Specialist.

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Dr. Vikas Jain is a board certified and fellowship trained Sleep Medicine Specialist, and a leader in the field of sleep medicine. He completed his fellowship at Stanford University, one of the world’s premier sleep medicine training programs, where he stayed on as an adjunct clinical assistant professor of sleep medicine. He currently serves as an Advisor to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as well as on the Board of Directors of the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists.

This article published in Sleep Review Magazine discusses the challenges historically faced by the sleep medicine industry and how the growth of home sleep testing has drastically changed its environment. Dr. Jain discusses his experiences in the industry and the various factors leading to his recent decision to open his private practice, Dream Sleep Medicine. We were happy to see this article’s reference to a review on the efficacy of home sleep testing co-authored by Dr. Jain and Dr. Reuben Walia, another consulting sleep physician on the WorkSTEPS team. The review was published in The Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association and received an award from the journal’s editorial board for “Excellence in Medical Writing.”
“I have known Dr. Jain for nearly five years. Between watching him speak at national sleep society meetings and following his career as he has moved throughout the U.S, I have been immensely impressed by his work. When we were presented with the opportunity to bring him on as a consulting sleep physician at WorkSTEPS Sleep, the decision was a no-brainer. It is an honor for me to say that he is a part of our team.” - John Varela, RPSGT, Vice President of Sleep Medicine at WorkSTEPS

John Varela is a knowledgeable leader in the field of sleep medicine and research with a proven track record of quality care, ethics, and passion for patient education. With 18 years of experience, John is well versed in the field of neurophysiology of sleep and the treatment of sleep disorders. Leading WorkSTEPS Sleep, Mr. Varela uses his knowledge and skills in the field of “traditional” sleep medicine to run one of the most efficiently run occupational health obstructive sleep apnea testing and treatment programs in the United States.

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