Should I test secretaries and other less physically demanding jobs?

Larry Feeler:

People always ask us if they should test secretaries or supervisors or people who don't really have high physical demands and we believe that you should. Because again, you need the baseline whole body measures. Especially people who sit for long hours, a lot of times their posture is not good, so they over time they get to where they can't lift their arms fully. They can't turn their head fully, and all those are in preexisting impairments.

It doesn't mean that they can't work, but it means that if you don't document that, one day they pick a box up off the shelf and it hits him in the head and they were stiff already, that you basically have to pay for that. When if you had documented that they had these preexisting conditions, you don't have to. We're not trying to be mean to anybody. We're trying to be fair. If it's part of your natural aging process or postural deficit, then we just don't believe we should have to pay for it. By documenting it individually based on your body habitus, then we can do that.

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