2021 Provider Webinar Series

WorkSTEPS Protocol team hosts webinars every 3rd Tuesday AND Thursday of each month. We'll address the most popular subjects and there is no limit on who from your clinic or how many attendees per facility are allowed to attend. All members of your staff are encouraged to attend!

To register, click the "Register here" link below then select the "2021 Webinar Series" banner in the top left of the testing software home screen.

Marketing and Sales: How to use the Marketing Roadmap (January 2021) - 19th and 21st

Introducing our new marketing training, the Marketing Roadmap. We'll walk you through our step-by-step guide to identifying, presenting to, and contracting local companies to expand your client base.

Job Analysis: (February 2021) - 16th and 18th

Learn the basics of job analysis that will identify the essentials needed such as documents, equipment, data collection and translating that data into a legally defensible functional test or functional job description. We'll discuss the benefits of PAVE software and its use for bullet proofing essential functions.

Subtleties of Pre-Employment Testing (Common Errors): (March 2021) - 16th and 18th  

A discussion on the most common errors, FAQ’s and protocol misunderstandings that are frequently encountered by providers performing WorkSTEPS employment tests. We'll provide a concise presentation followed by interactive discussion and an informative Q&A. This will be an excellent opportunity to get your questions answered and ducks in a row! Beneficial to both seasoned and new providers.

Subtleties of Post-Employment Testing (FFD): (April 2021) - 20th and 22nd

A presentation on the legalities and differences in performing post-employment testing, FFD, and agility tests with guidance on developing a correctly written report that employers can use in determining RTW status.

Increasing Efficiency Through Ancillary Staff: (May 2021) - 18th and 20th

We'll cover the basics for efficient clinic setup. Tasks will be broken down by staff member from scheduling the client to billing for the test. learn the most efficient way to use ancillary staff to cut down on clinician’s time spent with WorkSTEPS clients.

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