Our Technical Capabilities

Best-in-class technology delivers industry-leading speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Digital Backbone

WorkSTEPS utilizes technology towards increased efficiency, better service, and high-quality medical care. We call this strategic focus our Digital Backbone. For example, we use Salesforce technology across our enterprise, from our proprietary occupational health and safety (OHS) workflow data management system, to clinic network development, to patient care. Our software captures and tracks all necessary communications and forms related to the processes and requirements for any occupational health and safety program. The result is speed, efficiency and accuracy to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. It also means a readily-accessible, user-centric record of employee interactions, communications, and outcomes.


A highly customizable and adaptable software based on SalesForce Service Desk, FitForce was developed by WorkSTEPS to be a secure, sustainable, and HIPAA compliant CMS.

Unlike many off-the-shelf CMS products, FitForce was designed to meet the requirements of modern corporate EHS and HR departments by integrating easily with other business applications like email and HRIS, and by allowing different types of users, e.g., clinics, sites, corporate administrators, the necessary insight into medical processes with notifications and reminders as they need-to-know. Additionally, different user types can easily be granted different levels of access and permissions depending on their role in managing a process. The software has a clean and simple layout, and all medical case interactions – whether through email, phone, or otherwise – are tracked in a log, making it easy for users to view the status of a particular case.

The FitForce solution includes features for:

  • Scheduling and tracking of exams
  • Data warehousing of DQ and medical files
  • Notifications to managers
  • Manager portal within FitForce case management system

Key Features & Benefits

  • Team interactions – Multiple users can interact within the same case using email, notes, files, call logs.
  • Notifications and reminders – Notifies users when exams are becoming due and automatically email reminders to the appropriate managers.
  • Charting – Alows charting and documentation of medical and administrative notes in easy-to-use interaction log.
  • Customizable forms and fields – Allows full customization of forms and fields without further software development.
  • Integration of email to keep track of case interaction – Allows emails to be sent and received from within individual cases, meaning that all case communications and notes among multiple users are centralized and easily viewed.
  • HIPAA Compliant and Secure
  • Flexible integration with other systems – Thousands of supported plug-in applications.
  • Strong permissions system – Allows for limited and specific access for site users to see their employees.


It takes a team. That’s why we work with leading technology partners to offer an advanced integration solution with one goal in mind: make your job simpler.

At WorkSTEPS, we offer an advanced technical integration solution built to serve your specific needs. As industry leaders of 35 years, we have an acute understanding of the unique needs and complex challenges of HR and Safety professionals. We believe that successful workflows and operations hinge upon productive systems integrations and we are proud to offer a broad network of integration partners to meet your needs. We strive for simplicity and productivity in our partnership with employers and we’re here to help every step of the way.

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