Tendinitis and Workplace Productivity

Tendinitis can occur in any part of the body where tendons become inflamed due to overuse. Tendons are flexible tissues that connect your muscles to your bones. Tendinitis is painful and often worsened by movement. Common areas in which tendinitis occurs include the Achilles tendon, the knee, elbows, wrists, feet, fingers, and thighs. The condition is usually caused when movements are repeated regularly, such as in sports or workplaces. Jobs in which people overexert themselves or lift heavy things in awkward positions, especially over the head, often lead to cases of tendinitis.

Symptoms of Tendinitis

Tendinitis should be examined by a medical professional, as similar symptoms can indicate torn ligaments, pulled muscles, sprains, and broken bones. Common complaints and symptoms of people suffering from tendinitis include the following:

  • The area around the inflamed tendon is swollen, red, or hot to the touch.
  • The affected tendon feels like it is cracking or scraping when moved.
  • In some cases, a lump along the tendon may form.
  • Pain increases as the area of the inflamed tendon is used or moved.

These symptoms often hurt an employee’s work performance, as it can make certain aspects of their job extremely painful. Preventing your employees from developing tendonitis will allow your business to remain productive and keep your employees healthy.

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