Strength Testing for New Employees

For any sort of physically taxing job, hiring a new employee can be risky. It is essential for employers to ensure that new employees are physically capable of performing tasks related to the job, which can be a nearly impossible assessment without pre-employment strength testing. Through these strength tests, an employer is able to match the physical capabilities of a potential employee with the proper job, providing a number of benefits to the company.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Strength Testing

By testing the physical ability of your employees prior to their start date, employers may receive a number of benefits, including:

  • Reducing work injuries
  • Reducing workers’ compensation costs
  • Increasing overall production of the company
  • Keeping employees safer

Accidents and injuries at work may leave employers dealing with extensive fines and lawsuits. Not only can pre-employment strength testing reduce the amount of on-site work injuries, but it can improve the company’s overall output. Before hiring an individual, it is often necessary to make sure they can perform the duties expected of them and pre-employment strength testing can help employers do just that.

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