Relieving Computer Vision Syndrome

With the advent of digital technology and the modern-day social media boom, staring at a computer screen for hours on end has become customary in the workplace. Although the personal computer’s ubiquity has the advantage of increasing productivity, employees who are subject to being in front of a computer for long periods of time can experience vision problems and eye strain that might make it difficult to complete daily tasks. Fortunately, our representatives at WorkSTEPS have these tips for to minimize stress caused by extensive time spent on a computer and increase productivity and comfort in the workplace.

Ways to Decrease Eye Strain

Oftentimes, working on a computer requires lots of back-and-forth glancing from the screen to a desk, putting an enormous strain on eye muscles. This discomfort is exacerbated when you add in all of the extra strain-inducing components that come with working from a computer, such as glare from windows, small fonts on webpages, and contrast in brightness and colors on screen.

Symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS) can include back and neck pain, blurry vision, irritated or red eyes, and double vision. Although CVS does not usually lead to long-term eye damage, you can lessen the impact of these symptoms on workplace productivity and general health by implementing simple workplace moderations such as:

  • Positioning computers to cut or minimize window glare
  • Adjusting the computer screen to decrease neck-stretching and back strain (approximately 20-28 inches away from face below eye level)
  • Using a stand next to the screen to set papers on so as to decrease back-and-forth glancing
  • Averting eyes from screen every half hour

Contact a Professional from WorkSTEPS

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