Promoting Healthy Hands in a Hands-On Job

Almost every job involves working with your hands, and in many instances, people don’t realize the consequences of putting constant strain on them. Hand injuries will affect employers across the board – whether you are an office worker, a farmer, or a surgeon, any industry can pose risks to your appendages. Sometimes people have hand injuries but don’t even realize it, so employers that hire them hurt their business and that individual because they are physically unfit to perform the job. Put yourself in good hands by ensuring that you don’t start losing your ability to perform a job.

Preventing Hand Injuries

Many causes of hand injuries include carelessness, distractions, or simple lack of awareness of the risks involved. The hands are very involved parts of the body, with multiple bones, nerves, tendons, and muscles and can be easily be hurt with common injuries like fractures, broken bones, cuts, carpal tunnel syndrome, and infection. To avoid hand injuries in the workplace you can:

  • Take frequent breaks and practice hand stretches
  • Be aware of any abrasions or cuts in your hands
  • Pay attention to any warning signs when using vibrating equipment
  • Use protective equipment like gloves
  • Check for any defects with hand tools

Some warning signs that might indicate that you are developing or have a hand injury include numbness, tingling, discolored skin, severe pain, and swelling. Having any of these symptoms can make it difficult to continue to work, and can cause you to even lose work if you don’t treat any serious condition. Before you start work, or if you are already seeing these symptoms, it is important to get tested for any hand conditions you may have. Understanding your medical condition will not only help you feel more comfortable at work, but can prevent you from losing the ability to perform your job.

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