Preventing Falls at Work

One of the most common workplace injuries is falling from a high floor or ladder. When falling from such a height, injuries can be severe or even fatal. Not only should a worker not have to face long recovery times due to an unsafe workplace, but your business should not have to suffer from productivity loss. Workers’ compensation and medical costs are a burden to both employers and employees. To avoid such a burden, it is important to keep employees safe and take proper precautions for preventing falls.

Reasons for Falling Accidents

Falling accidents can happen for a number of reasons, but knowing the most common reasons can prevent your employees from unnecessary suffering due to an injury caused by the impact of falling. The most common causes of falling accidents include the following:

  • Openings in walls
  • Holes in the floor or walkway
  • Ladders that are not safely positioned or are faulty
  • Cluttered walkways and work surfaces
  • Slippery flooring
  • Unstable flooring
  • Equipment that protects a falling person is not being properly used

Any of the above causes can lead to a dangerous fall, negatively impacting your employee and your business.

Contact a Professional from WorkSTEPS

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