How Workplace Stress Impacts Health

Although stress does not seem like a workplace injury, it has adverse health effects, both mentally and physically. Noticing the signs of stress in employees is important, as the damages can be costly to them and your business. Helping workers to lower stress levels is essential to a healthy and productive workplace.

Challenge Vs Job Stress

Job stress should not be written off as challenging work, because the two differ greatly. Job stress is the response, either physically or mentally, to work that can not be done due to a lack of resources or ability of an employee. A challenge is something that is difficult to do, because it is mentally stimulating or physically difficult, but can be accomplished with extra effort.

Causes of Workplace Stress

Job conditions are the most common form of stress at work. Operating heavy machinery for prolonged periods of time or trying to perform at the same pace as machinery or conveyor belts in factory settings can be stressful and take a toll on the body. Additionally, work places that do not offer breaks, or require forced overtime have higher rates of worker stress. Signs of stress include displays of fatigue, moodiness, depression, and anxiety. It is often difficult to outwardly assess the stress level of your employees, but obvious displays of stress should be addressed immediately.

Call a Professional

Studies show that stress is harmful to the health of workers, increasing their sick days and decreases productivity. Reducing stress can allow your employees to feel less pressured, and do more, quality work. If you would like to address the stress level in your company, call our team at WorkSTEPS at (512) 617-4100.