How Job Analysis Can Provide a Safer Working Environment

Many workplaces require physical demands of their employees, which some employees can more readily or safely complete than others. When employees cannot fulfill the physical demands of their jobs, injuries can occur, which is bad news for both employees and employers. To reduce the risk of injuries occurring because candidates are not suited to their jobs, many employers hire job analysts to determine the demands of the job and test candidates against these demands. In this way, job analysts can reduce worker’s compensation claims from accidents and provide a safer working environment by:

  1. Documenting the essential and physically demanding aspect of the job. Job analysis works by assessing the essential requirements of the job, especially in regards to the aspects which are physically demanding and which certain candidates may be more qualified to perform than others. By noting exactly what is physically required of the job, job analysis can detect potential dangers of the job that may arise from these physical requirements. Knowing these dangers and how and when they are likely to occur can allow employers to put more protections in place and hire employees more suited to the job so as to prevent accidents and injury.
  2. Testing candidates to the physical requirement of the job. After discerning what the physical demands of the job are, job analysis can then test candidates to these requirements and see if they are capable of performing the job duties at hand in a way that is safe for everyone involved. This will reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring because a job candidate cannot fulfill the physical demands of their job.
  3. Ensuring that potential candidates are matched for the job. After a job analyst has both documented the physically demanding aspects of a job and tested potential candidates against these requirements, they can then ensure that potential job candidates are suited for the job and capable of performing all of its essential duties, which reduces the risk of workplace injury and worker’s compensation claims, and helps employers keep their employees safe.

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