Functional Capacity Evaluations

When an employee takes medical leave, his or her company must be careful in determining when that employee can safely return to work. Preventing further injury and ensuring efficient work is pivotal in the workplace, especially in places where machinery or physical labor is involved. A functional capacity evaluation provides employers with a tool to measure a returning employee’s ability to work again, for the safety of that employee and the workplace in general.

The Importance of Functional Capacity Evaluations

A functional capacity evaluation is the best way to determine the physical capability of an employee after sustaining an injury. These evaluations provide a comprehensive review of an individual’s ability to work; some of its uses are:

  • Measures physical ability
  • Determines treatment program
  • Reviews efficiency of rehabilitation
  • Evaluates working capability
  • Attempts to predict return date

It is important that an employee returns from an injury only when he or she is fully capable of performing work again. Data collected from tests like this is pivotal to both the health of the employee and efficiency of the business. If your company needs to improve its system for determining the severity of worker injuries, a functional capacity evaluation service dedicated to this practice could solve your problems and maintain your business’s productivity.

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