Comprehensive Pre-Employment Post-Offer Testing

At the very core of the WorkSTEPS program, pre-employment post-offer employment testing may be administered to any job candidate in order to determine whether he or she may safely perform all of the functions essential to the offered position. This particular form of employment testing is administered following an official offer for a position, but before that candidate formally begins working in his or her full capacity.

Components of Our Pre-Employment Post-Offer Test

The pre-employment post-offer employment testing we provide may be critical to determining whether an candidate for employment is well-suited to the position you are attempting to fill. Our comprehensive employment testing includes:

  • Review of medical history with a qualified clinician
  • A comprehensive set of medical measurements
  • Measurement of strength
  • Dynamic lifting & progressive lifting sequences
  • Measures of cardiovascular ability
  • Essential job functions testing

In our experience, the quality and quantity of information obtained through this form of comprehensive employment testing—including information concerning any and all pre-existing conditions and cumulative traumas—may be invaluable for companies even after it has been determined that a candidate is capable of performing his or her essential job functions.

Consult With a WorkSTEPS Pre-Employment Post-Offer Testing Specialist

At WorkSTEPS, our pre-employment post-offer testing specialists can offer your business the comprehensive employment testing to help you ensure that your potential employees are well-suited to their posts. To discuss how our pre-employment post-offer employment testing may benefit your business, please call our offices at (512) 617-4100 today.