Brain Injuries and the Ability to Work

When an employee has suffered a brain injury, their ability to work may be severely impacted. Brain injuries and their effects differ greatly based on the severity of the accident and the location of the injury itself. Additionally, every individual recovers differently from a brain injury and may exhibit a wide range of side-effects. Whether an employee is returning to work after a brain injury, or you are planning to hire an individual with a brain injury in their past, it is essential to understand their current abilities and what skills they can best utilize on the job.

It is essential that you understand your employees’ skill sets so that you may place them in a work environment in which they will be most productive. Although an individual with a brain injury may think, speak, or word differently than others, they still have a vast array of talents that can be useful to your company. The employee testing available through WorkSTEPS can help you make these important decisions about your employee’s abilities and place them in the job they are best suited to.

Common Effects of Brain Injuries

A brain injury can be sustained from any impact to the head which caused damage or injury to the individual’s brain. These injuries most commonly result from car accidents, hard falls, or a blow to the head from falling objects. After the recovery process for a brain injury is complete, the individual may still suffer from a multitude of different lasting symptoms, including:

  • Difficulty with cognitive skills such as attention, memory, and concentration
  • Slow speech, thought, or problem solving skills
  • Abnormal speech patterns
  • Difficulty expressing or recognizing emotion and other social cues
  • Tendency to become frustrated or aggravated easily
  • Mood swings
  • Limited function of arms or legs

The severity of these effects depends on whether the damage from the brain injury was mild, moderate, or severe. With appropriate therapy, most individuals learn to understand and manage the symptoms they experience most frequently. However, symptom management does not remove the problem altogether, and individuals with a brain injury may still struggle with particular tasks.

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