Benefits of Medical History Reports

When hiring a new employee, it is essential to make sure that they will be able to handle the work tasks and duties that are expected of them. One of the best ways to assess an individual’s capabilities is by examining their medical history. By reviewing a new employee’s medical report, you can be aware of any medical conditions that may affect their ability to perform the job that is required of them, which increases the safety and wellbeing of your employees.

Why Medical History Reports are Helpful

If you choose pre-employment testing for new hires, a number of tests and documents can help to assess an employee’s health, including a review of their medical history. By evaluating their medical history, you can gain insight into:

  • Any preexisting conditions they may have, such as high blood pressure or heart disease
  • Past injuries
  • Family history of medical conditions that they may be prone to
  • Risk factors of illness
  • Psychological issues

A medical history report is an invaluable resource in assessing an individual’s health and their ability to perform the duties required by their job. At WorkSTEPS, our team has the experience necessary to help you properly evaluate medical history reports as well as perform other vital pre-employment tests.

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