Back Injuries and the Ability to Work

After an employee suffers a back injury, whether minor or serious, the injury may seriously impact his or her ability to work. Regular work might cause discomfort or pain to your employee, and this can easily impact productivity and happiness in the workplace. However, post-employment testing can be one way that workers and employers both can evaluate a current worker’s ability to return to the job after suffering a serious back injury. The representatives at WorkSTEPS can help employers set up this testing and evaluate the results.

Common Results of Back Injuries

Back injuries can result from a variety of situations, like age, heavy lifting, repetitive motions, and more. However they occur, back injuries often share some common results, including:

  • Spasms / muscle twitches
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Inability to lift heavy objects
  • Fatigue
  • Nerve damage

All of these could be the result of an employee’s back injury. Post-employment testing, set up by specialists, can be a good way to help gauge the readiness and abilities of an already employed, injured worker. You can use the testing to evaluate the best place for your employee, whether that’s in the job he is in now, or in a different position.

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