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WorkSTEPS Digital Backbone: Using Best-In-Class Technology to Deliver Industry-Leading Speed, Efficiency and Accuracy

The Need for Robust Information Management

Managing workforce occupational health and safety (OHS) involves a multitude of discrete programs. Each program has unique requirements, processes, employee touchpoints and communication flows; and accordingly, each program is subject to a range of gaps—communications that don’t get sent or received, appointments that get missed, key interactions that don’t get properly logged. At a minimum, these gaps lead to oversights and inefficiencies. Worse, they create risks and liabilities.

The WorkSTEPS Digital Backbone

WorkSTEPS has created a proprietary OHS workflow data management system. We call it our Digital Backbone because – just as a skeletal backbone provides a platform for connectivity, strength and physical agility – our Digital Backbone enables OHS program speed, efficiency and rigor.

Our Digital Backbone is built using Salesforce, the best-in-class software solution most associated with customer service and relationship management. We chose Salesforce because we view the challenge of managing information around OHS programs as a customer service challenge focused on speed, efficiency, accuracy, and the ability to track and log every step and every communication in the process. Salesforce is built to address these challenges.

How the Digital Backbone Works

The WorkSTEPS Digital Backbone works behind the scenes, enabling our programs and services to be delivered with speed and efficiency, without anything falling through the cracks. Here, as an example, is how our Digital Backbone works to enable a medical surveillance exam for Tom Smith, a new employee:

  • HR Manager notifies WorkSTEPS that Tom needs a required medical surveillance exam.
  • WorkSTEPS communicates with Tom, informing him that he needs tests, and to get his availability.
  • WorkSTEPS schedules appointment with a clinic and sends instructions and appointment information to Tom.
  • Tom goes to the appointment.
  • WorkSTEPS gathers medical information from the clinic and checks for any issues that could create risk.
  • If any issues are identified, the employer is immediately notified so that appropriate steps (e.g., work restrictions, preventive measures) can be taken.
  • WorkSTEPS gathers additional results and documentation (e.g., blood test results).
  • WorkSTEPS creates a complete medical file for Tom Smith and sends a clearance notification to the company.
  • Based on the company’s protocols, WorkSTEPS identifies a date for the next required medical surveillance exam, and notifies company as that date nears to initiate the exam process for Tom once again.

Every communication in the above example is logged and time-stamped and every action is logged in the case file. The case file is created specific to Tom Smith’s ID, and through Tom’s life cycle of employment, other case files will be created under his ID, establishing a person-centric, longitudinal record of Tom Smith’s OHS program encounters.

And rest assured that all this data is protected in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. WorkSTEPS is committed to the safety and privacy of your employees, as well as helping customers mitigate liability risk.

Why the Digital Backbone Matters

The simple example above begins to illustrate how the WorkSTEPS Digital Backbone enables us to not only deliver our services with speed, efficiency, and accuracy, but also hints at the potential value of establishing a person-centric, longitudinal record on OHS program encounters and results.

WorkSTEPS Digital Backbone is one more reason WorkSTEPS works for you.

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