2012 WorkSTEPS Protocol Updates

Please scroll down to the links below for the updated protocols & acknowledgement form

If you have any questions regarding the documents, or with the WorkSTEPS® Protocols in general, please contact Lindee Greer ASAP at (512) 617-4100 ext. 210.  PLEASE call or email me anytime that you have questions, especially if unusual circumstances arise during the administration of a test.

Once the information has been reviewed, and you have downloaded (and printed, if necessary) the updated documents and 2011 Protocol Manual, you must fax the Acknowledgement Page to me at (512) 617-4106.  Failure to comply with this process will be considered a failure to comply with the WorkSTEPS® Training and Certification Requirements as set forth in the License Agreement.

Click Here to print the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM after you have reviewed and printed the updated protocols  and information

Please fax Acknowledgement to Lindee Greer at (512) 617-4106 by March 30, 2012.

I.     Updated Documents (Click on the document name to open and view the updated version):

  1. Protocol for Job-Specific Task with a Cardiovascular Component (Revised Document and Updated Karvonen Formula and Reporting Process)
  2. Post-Offer Medical History Interview (Additional GINA Compliance Language Added)
  3. Post-Offer Medical History Interview for Maritime Clients (Additional GINA Compliance Language Added)
  4. Physician Consent to Perform Pre-Offer Test (New Form)
  5. Physician Consent to Perform Employment Test (Revised Document)
  6. Physician Consent to Perform Upper Quadrant Test (Revised Document)
  7. Hold Harmless vs. Physician’s Consent (Revised Document)
  8. Procedure for Employment Recommendations (Revised: Reflects ‘Not Capable – Impairment’ option)
  9. Physician Consent to perform an FCE (Revised Document)

Updated forms and a 2011 Employment Testing Protocol Manual may also be found in the ‘Downloads’ tab of the WS Software.

Click here to download the WorkSTEPS PROTOCOL UPDATES MEMO