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WorkSTEPS Announces Partnership with Validation-Experts Biddle Consulting Group to Release New Tool to Develop Validated Physical Ability Tests

Leading Functional Employment Testing Provider WorkSTEPS Announces Partnership with Validation-Experts Biddle Consulting Group to Release New Tool to Develop Validated Physical Ability Tests
WorkSTEPS, the nation’s leading provider of functional employment testing, recently announced a partnership with Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. to release the new Physical Abilities Validation Evaluator (PAVE) tool, which is designed to develop validated Physical Ability Tests for a variety of jobs.

The PAVE tool streamlines the collection of physical ability job analysis data, and then automatically creates a Physical Ability Test for positions in a way that addresses federal testing and job analysis standards. PAVE provides an unprecedented degree of validation of the job analysis process, and ensures that the process addresses the requirements set by the federal Uniform Guidelines of Employee Selection, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. The PAVE tool was formerly known as the PATJA (Physical Abilities Testing Job Analysis).

The exclusive WorkSTEPS/Biddle partnership provides unprecedented legal defensibility of the WorkSTEPS functional employment test, already recognized as the industry’s gold-standard. The PAVE tool, for the first time, automates the creation of testing criteria to yield an objective and defensible functional employment tests.

WorkSTEPS is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and is a leading national provider of functional pre-employment and post-injury testing programs used by Corporations nationwide. Corporations use WorkSTEPS’ proprietary tests to determine the overall fitness of employment candidates to perform essential job functions and tasks. The Company’s tests are also used by its clients to compare the functional status of existing employees that are injured on the job both pre and post injury. WorkSTEPS’ appropriately administered and designed testing services help corporations mitigate the incidence and cost of worker injury, and provide them with better data used in remediation of claims such that incidence and costs are reduced almost immediately.

Biddle Consulting Group, Inc. (BCG) specializes in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) consulting, litigation support, personnel testing software development, and Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) outsourcing and software. Since 1974, BCG has worked with thousands of employers in these areas, as well as providing litigation support as consultants or experts in over 200 State, Federal, and Circuit Court of appeal EEO cases involving statistics and/or job-relatedness (test validity) analyses. BCG has developed and validated personnel tests in hundreds of situations used by thousands of employers.

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