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The consequences of a carpal tunnel injury

Of all the injuries that a worker can sustain, carpal tunnel injuries tend to be the most common, especially among those employees who work in office settings. Though these injuries can often be prevented through the use of certain work aids and precautions, many people still find themselves dealing with the consequences of a carpal tunnel injury. Some of these consequences that a worker and his or her company may have to deal with include:

Decreased wages
Lost work time / less work completed
Medical bills
Constant pain
Carpal tunnel injuries can end up costing both the employee and employer. As such, making sure an employee is prepared to handle the necessary repetitive motions prior to starting work or after being injured can be critical. To determine your employee’s capabilities with a scientific and legally compliant test, get in touch with the team at WorkSTEPS by calling (512) 617-4100.

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