Let Your Representative Know: Hard Therapy Caps Must Be Repealed Before January 1, 2018!

Recently, a Congressional Committee tasked with examining healthcare policies agreed to a permanent repeal of a hard-cap on therapy services, which has threatened to reduce the quality of care that therapy patients so desperately need. If Congress fails to act, the hard cap on therapy services will go into effect in less than a month, starting on January 1, 2018. We need to take action now to remind our representatives of the importance of this issue and get them to take the action that they have promised to take now!

In 1997, the Balanced Budget Act was passed by Congress, and the act included yearly financial limits on physical therapy and speech-pathology services, as well as a separate financial cap on occupational therapy, for all outpatient treatment. Since the act passed, however, Congress has prevented the implementation of the caps by passing short-term extensions of the therapy cap extensions that they were able to put in place. As recently as 2015, therapy cap extensions were pushed out to December 31, 2017, but if Congress fails to act this time, the cap will be put in place.

It is clear that a permanent repeal of the therapy cap is what is needed, and Congress has agreed in a bipartisan, bicameral policy to do just that. Without the repeal of the therapy cap, patients who need occupational, physical therapy, or speech pathology services may not be able to get the high-quality treatment that they need. It is time for us to take action to remind our elected representatives of the critical policies that they must push through before the deadline.

Ask your Representative to follow through on repealing the hard Medicare Therapy Cap once and for all.