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Transitional Duty Program Management

Transitioning an injured employee back into the workforce with care is extremely important, but the safest and most effective way to do that isn’t always clear. After an injured employee has been rendered ‘not capable’ or not fit to perform the essential functions of their job, WorkSTEPS Transitional Duty Program Management will work with you and your injured employee to create a personalized return to work strategy, identifying modified work assignments they can safely perform so they can get back to work—back to contributing, performing, and adding value— as quickly and as safely as possible. WorkSTEPS Transitional Duty Program Management can:

  • Reduce time away from work
  • Decrease work-related injuries associated with an injured employee re-entering into a position they may not be capable of safely performing
  • Lower workers’ compensation costs
  • Reduce turnover
  • Decrease healthcare costs
  • Lower accident rates
  • Decrease disruption to production when skilled workers become disabled by reducing time to return to work

What You Get When WorkSTEPS Works for You

A Partner to Meet You and Your Worker’s Specific Needs

Every company, workforce, employee, and injury is unique. For cases where an injured employee cannot perform the essential functions of their job, WorkSTEPS Transitional Duty Program Management will work with you and your employee to develop a highly individualized return to work strategy that reflects their history, injury, current restrictions, future goals, and your business needs. We then create a role ‘succession plan,’ where together we identify modified roles within your organization the injured worker can fill on their path to returning to the position they previously held, or to a new role consistent with their physical abilities.

Comprehensive Injury Management—From Hiring to Reentering the Workforce

WorkSTEPS Transitional Duty Program Management can more effectively help you move your workers from the bench and onto the playing field by being paired with our comprehensive ecosystem of employee occupational health and safety services. The most successful transitional duty programs first understand the physical demands of their positions (Job Analysis), then gather baseline functional data on individual employees before they’re hired (Post-Offer Functional Employment Tests) so when an injury occurs, you can accurately and objectively determine the severity of an injury and how it’s impacting their work (Functional Capacity Evaluations). With WorkSTEPS, you can then efficiently identify modified duty roles an injured worker can perform using EHS DataHub™. WorkSTEPS can offer you the most comprehensive employee health and safety management ecosystem on the market, and we are committed to working with you to maintain the health and safety of your workforce—before, during, and after an injury occurs.

Mitigating Legal Liability

WorkSTEPS is committed to helping customers mitigate liability risk. Therefore WorkSTEPS‘ programs are continuously reviewed by a national employment labor law firm to ensure compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, ADA, FMLA, Worker Comp, and more. Additionally, our Transitional Duty Program Management provides professional, third-party accountability and support to your workers as they move from recovery back to the workforce, so fraud, abuse, and symptom exaggeration is decreased dramatically. Finally, you can be confident that all case-related communications and forms are saved in WorkSTEPS Digital Backbone, our proprietary EHS workflow data management software, providing a complete record of all recommendations and actions.

A Partner, Not a Vendor

Successful transitional duty programs not only support an injured employee’s medical recovery, but also achieve the goals of your business while representing your culture. However, managing a transitional duty program in an objective, consistent and systematic way can be resource-intensive, making programs difficult to sustain. WorkSTEPS has the experience, the processes, and the systems to provide the backbone of support you need to safely return your people to work so that they can perform in a timely way.

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