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Uninjured Fit for Duty Testing

An important strategy for the prevention of serious injuries in the workplace is intervening when workers are struggling to perform the essential functions of their job. Unlike Return to Work Fit for Duty Testing, which is used after an injury occurs, WorkSTEPS Uninjured Fit for Duty (FFD) evaluations can be administered if a supervisor, peer, or an impaired employee him/herself objectively observes that the employee is struggling to perform their job. Impairment may be due to chronic pain, weakness, or lack of fitness, disease, an old injury, etc. Our Uninjured FFD evaluation is scientific, objective and non-biased, and focuses only on the impaired body part(s) necessary to perform a job-specific task. Our evaluation will help you determine an employee’s ability to perform the essential functions of their position, and will inform dialog with the employee about potential next steps. WorkSTEPS Uninjured FFD evaluations can:

  • Decrease work related injuries
  • Decrease accident rates
  • Lower workers’ compensation costs
  • Decrease disruption to production when skilled workers become disabled due to serious injury

What You Get When WorkSTEPS Works for You

A Partner to Meet Your Specific Needs

WorkSTEPS Uninjured FFD evaluations are highly focused and precise, in that they only test the body part in question—whether that’s a back, knee, shoulder or psychological/behavioral concern. What makes WorkSTEPS Uninjured FFD unique is our ability to pair this service with a variety of our other services to give you and your employees the most comprehensive occupational health and safety management ecosystem on the market, aimed at prevention and keeping your employees on the job. Uninjured FFDs can be paired with WorkSTEPS Post-Offer Functional Employment Tests to compare baseline data collected upon hiring with data collected during the FFD evaluation so you can more effectively manage your employee’s treatment process.

Confidence You’ll be Compliant

WorkSTEPS is committed to helping customers mitigate liability risk . Therefore, our testing programs are continuously reviewed and updated as needed to ensure compliance with the latest federal and state regulations, including EEOC, OSHA, DOT, CDL, ADA, Workers Comp, Disability, and more. Additionally, determining when and how to test an employee who’s raised suspicion about their ability to perform their job can be challenging and sensitive, and can have severe legal implications if administered incorrectly. We will consult with you on when and how to administer an Uninjured FFD if you or a fellow co-worker has a reason or suspicion one of your employees cannot perform their job effectively or safely.

Data Driven, Clinical Expertise

Our rigorous testing process is administered by our trained and certified network of over 1,400 healthcare professionals nationwide, which ensures quality and consistency of our testing methods. Our trained healthcare professionals cumulatively perform thousands of tests each week. Each Return to Work FFD evaluation is tailored to the injured employee’s specific injury and role, and accurately evaluates their injured body part used in their job specific tasks. Our team relies on validated testing methods and data to ensure our evaluations are precise, accurate, and predictive, which gives you the confidence that injured workers who have been determined ‘capable’ of performing their job can return their job and perform it safely.

A Partner, Not a Vendor

WorkSTEPS Uninjured Fit for Duty evaluations can help prevent more serious injuries and accidents from occurring on your worksite. Let us help you gather objective information about employees who appear to be struggling to perform their jobs so that appropriate next-step options can be identified and discussed with the impaired employee.

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