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Ensure Health, Safety, and Compliance

More Than Checking Boxes. Turn Employee Health and Safety into a Competitive Advantage.

Ensuring employee safety and health is about more than compliance, it’s about fulfilling a promise to send employees home safe and sound every night; it’s about reducing the impacts that injuries have on productivity, quality, and the bottom line; it’s about protecting the reputation of your company and being a company where employees want to come work. In short – Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is a potential source of competitive advantage. With WorkSTEPS Regulatory Medical Exams & Fit for Duty Exams, you can be certain that your organization is compliant and has a partner committed to helping you reduce risk and cost, build a culture of health and safety, and improve workforce productivity.

Regulatory Medical & Non-Regulated Exams

Compliance and more. Choose WorkSTEPS and be confident that you have a partner who will help you comply with state and federal regulations. WorkSTEPS‘ experts can help map out a testing process that goes beyond compliance to help meet customer demands, reduce risks and costs, and contribute to a culture of safety and health.

Medical Surveillance

Protect against invisible threats in the work environment. WorkSTEPS Medical Surveillance services can help protect your employees from potentially harmful exposures. Our experts know what to look for and use state-of-the-art assessment technologies and protocols to detect potential issues proactively.

Uninjured Employee Fit for Duty Testing

When an employee is not capable of performing the essential functions of their job safely, they risk injury to themselves and to others. WorkSTEPS‘ ADA-compliant Non-Injured Employee Fit for Duty Testing provides you with information about an employee’s capacity to perform, and if appropriate, enabling you to engage with the employee about rehabilitation or employment options.

Medical Director Consulting

Get the expertise you need. You don’t need a full- or even part-time Medical Director to benefit from the expertise of a board-certified and experienced occupational medicine physician. WorkSTEPS Medical Director Consulting services can help you maximize the health and safety impacts of your OHS strategy and programs.

Sleep Apnea Services

Good sleep is a matter of health. WorkSTEPS Sleep Apnea Services provides the industry’s most efficient fully integrated OSA testing, treatment, and compliance monitoring program administered by board certified medical experts. Your employees will receive the best quality assessment and treatment services to improve sleep, resulting in increased alertness, lower safety risks, improved productivity and better health and wellbeing.

Safety and Industrial Hygiene Services

Make safety a way of life. Having a safe workplace is about more than safety products and personal protective equipment— it’s about engaging employees to live and work a culture of safety every moment of every day. WorkSTEPS Safety and Industrial Hygiene Services can help you develop and implement a strategy that not only ensures compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements, but also fulfills your company’s vision for safety.

WorkSTEPS EHS DataHub™

Don’t just file your EHS data – use it. WorkSTEPS EHS DataHub™ is a proprietary, fully integrated software platform that will enable you to access and analyze all of your organization’s environment and occupational health and safety information from anywhere at any time.

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