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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Essential for any onboarding process, WorkSTEPS‘s Drug & Alcohol Testing helps you proactively manage the health and wellbeing of your workforce, the safety of your workplace, and the integrity of your business. Our certified laboratory testing (hair/urine/saliva) can be administered as a part of the hiring process, at random, post-accident, or under reasonable suspicion.

What You Get When WorkSTEPS Works for You

A Partner in Promoting Wellness

You care about the wellbeing of your people; investing in an effective substance abuse program that begins with pre-hire testing reinforces workplace wellness, improves safety, and strengthens your investment in high-quality employees.

Beyond Identifying Problems

For employees who struggle with substance abuse, WorkSTEPS offers Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to help them recover their health and return to work.

Expert Support

WorkSTEPS can provide the services of a Medical Review Officer to provide input on policies, procedures, and decisions.

Managed Legal Liability

We’re here to help you keep your workforce safe and healthy, all while protecting your business. WorkSTEPS Drug & Alcohol Testing is a foundational service that can reduce the risk and costs associated with preventable accidents. Additionally, all testing services are HIPAA compliant, ensuring you and your candidates’ information remains protected.

Drug and Medical Screening Services

In many positions, nothing is more important than having a clear mind and sober thinking. When hiring new employees or reviewing current employees, a company needs to know if they are under the influence of any prohibited substances. Whether their position requires driving, heavy lifting, or merely the ability to think clearly, sobriety is an unquestioned necessity. Businesses also need to confirm immunizations and other health checks to maintain a healthy work environment and avoid the spreading of disease.

The drug and medical screening services at WorkSTEPS help make sure that new and seasoned employees can meet all requirements of the job, including being sober, staying healthy, and remaining focused every day. Removing any doubt about the sobriety of employees can provide important reassurance to employers, while also helping screen those who may appear at first to be ideal for a position. Keeping immunizations current for all employees avoids severe costs for healthcare and serious delays in work from illness spreading.

WorkSTEPS offers quick and accurate drug and medical screening, which has improved the quality of new hires and long-serving employees for businesses across the country.
The drug and medical screening services we offer include:

5-Panel Standard Urinalysis Drug Screening

One of the most critical pre-employment tests and WorkSTEPS can provide it anywhere around the globe, whether in an employment facility or at a local collection location. In the 5-Panel version, tests are run for the most common drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and phencyclidine (PCP). Results are returned in 1 day for negative specimens and in 3 days for non-negative specimens. Our lab partners can offer convenient locations for testing almost anywhere. If a lab location isn’t within 15 minutes, we will work with local medical facilities to provide for testing.

10-Panel Standard Urinalysis Drug Screening

More extensive than the 5 Panel urinalysis, the 10-Panel screen can pick up traces of slightly less common drugs, including the 5-panel drugs (marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, phencyclidine), as well as: barbiturates, methadone, methaqualone, benzodiazepines, and propoxyphene. Negative results are returned in 1 day, and non-negative results are returned in 3 days.

Other urinalysis drug tests are also available at WorkSTEPS.

Department of Transportation Drug Screening

The Department of Transportation requires drug screening in some situations for those involved in the transportation industry. Those conditions include:

  • Pre-employment
  • Post-accident
  • Return to Duty
  • Probable Cause
  • Follow-Up
  • Random

All screenings should test for:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Hydrocodone
  • Hydromorphone
  • Oxymorphone
  • Oxycodone
  • Amphetamines
  • Methylenedioxyamphetamine

WorkSTEPS can offer screenings that are in complete compliance with the requirements from the Department of Transportation. All tests can take place at locations convenient to the business and the employee. For those who are not within 15 minutes of one of our lab partners, we will work with local medical facilities to find a convenient location.

Medical Review of Drug Screening Results

For non-negative results from standard (not Department of Transportation) screenings, it is recommended that a medical review is done to determine if there are extenuating circumstances or potential reasons for a false positive result. The applicant or employee will speak with a medical doctor to determine if the individual is on any prescription drugs that may have influenced the screening.

Customized Physical Examination

Making sure an employee is physically capable of the work required for their position is essential to avoid injuries. WorkSTEPS works with each business to determine precisely what requirements are set for each position. WorkSTEPS then contacts medical partners to perform the examination. The results are returned in a customized form to the business to make sure the employee is completely capable of the physical demands of the job.

Immunity/Titer Testing Services

Knowing the level of immunity for every employee can be an essential part of keeping a safe and healthy work environment. WorkSTEPS can provide a variety of immunity tests through our medical partners to make sure a business’ employees are up to the work required. Test results are quick, and the information can be sent in a customized form for easier use by the business.

Vaccination Services

Discover what vaccinations are needed and then provide them for your employees with WorkSTEPS. We work with our medical partners to build on the information from Titer Tests and other Immunity Tests and report back what vaccinations are required for every employee.

Maintaining a workforce at your business that is healthy and sober is one of the most important ways to make sure your company remains effective and efficient. The costs of neglect on these fronts can be quite high. For immunity, it can mean much higher healthcare costs and massive delays due to higher levels of sickness at the job. For sobriety, the costs are even higher. Accidents that leave fellow employees or innocent bystanders injured or worse become far more likely when an employee has been using drugs.

Using the tests available at WorkSTEPS removes many of these issues from your work environment. To keep your workplace safe, healthy, and efficient, introduce drug and medical screening to your business.

Why use WorkSTEPS

WorkSTEPS can provide the efficient and convenient testing that you need to ensure a safe and happy workplace. With medical partnerships all over the world, we can ensure tests are done quickly, efficiently, and at a convenient location. We have a long history of providing top-quality results for employers all over the country. Since 1994, we have done millions of employee tests.

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