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Background Checks

You need to know if the candidate you want is the person you should hire, and you need to know now! WorkSTEPS Background Checks quickly uncover potential problems or inconsistencies related to a candidate’s criminal record, financial background, job experience or education, providing you the facts you need to make an informed hiring decision.

What You Get When WorkSTEPS Works for You

Investigation to Meet Your Needs

We offer a variety of legally-compliant background checks to meet your specific requirements, including candidate history with the criminal justice system, financial/credit ratings, education verification, and more. We perform as much or as little screening on potential new hires as you deem necessary.

Accurate, Objective Information

WorkSTEPS Background Checks will provide you with all the in-depth, objective, and personal background information you need to ensure every new employee is a good fit for your company.

A Partner Who Understands Your Need for Speed

You need to move from offer to a hire decision quickly. WorkSTEPS Background Checks can provide you with the facts you need in less than one business day in many cases, or in just a few days.

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Employee Screening Services

By obtaining as much information as possible on an applicant, hiring managers can remove some of the uncertainty in the hiring process. Being aware of previous missteps or potential elisions in an application allows the company to weigh the consequences of hiring a potentially untrustworthy applicant. It also provides an opportunity for an applicant to explain and defend themselves and perhaps justify their actions or statements.

Conducting proper research before hiring allows the business to either start a new relationship with a new employee on a sound and more confident footing, or else dismiss those applicants who prove to be less than upfront. Either way, the business can act with complete knowledge and the security of its position.

WorkSTEPS offers many background search options to aid in this process. Among the most crucial to the employment process are the series of criminal background checks available through our Employee Screening Services. There are also numerous checks available on education and employment history through our Verification Services. We also offer searches specific to the medical industry in our Healthcare-Related Searches service.

Our Employee Screening Services are available for those who want to know more specific elements of an employee’s history. With these searches, an employer can get beyond the standard background checks that most companies run and find out information that may be critical to the choice to offer future employment to an applicant.

WorkSTEPS offers quick and accurate background searches. Our searches have given employers on both a regional and national level the extra information required to ensure future success.

Types of Employee Screening Searches We Handle

Ensuring that every new employee is the best fit for your company is the highest priority for hiring managers. To aid in the process of making these difficult choices, the more knowledge available about potential employees, the better. While a resume and an interview may give positive first impressions, an in-depth investigation into a new employee’s background and work history can be extremely instructive and necessary.

While it would be ideal for all qualified candidates to be qualified in a personal as well as professional sense, this is not always the case. Some applicants will fail to disclose a history that involves the criminal justice system. Such histories could involve anything from minor misdemeanors and driving infringements to serious and disqualifying federal offenses. It is up to every hiring manager to decide whether to continue the hiring process after such facts become known, but it is crucial that a business has the opportunity to find out before committing a position to a new employee (and therefore dismissing other perhaps equally-qualified applicants).

To get all the background information your business needs on every applicant, use the employee screening services from WorkSTEPS. WorkSTEPS offers a variety of background checks that can provide insightful information about every potential new employee in a matter of hours or days. The quick and accurate results from WorkSTEPS employee screening have already been used to great success by both national and regional employers.

The employee screening services we offer include:

Instant Searches

  • Social Security Number Background – Find out the name and address history for a particular Social Security number, which can reveal which jurisdictions should be further checked for background. Also, find out if the number remains valid.

Short Timeframe Searches (Instant-4 hours)

  • Use of Multi-Jurisdiction Database with or without Aliases – Use the full force of a database of more than 400 million criminal records across all 50 states to find out any potential criminal history, including sex offender lists and the terrorist watchlist. Combined with the Social Security background, searches can include current and former aliases.
  • Driving Record Background – Get the driving history of potential employees for the past three years. Signed consent may be required.
  • Department of Transportation Driving Record Report – For professional drivers, this can fulfill the required driver’s license verification and also reveal information about the driving record.

Longer Timeframe Searches (1-3 Days)

  • State District Court/County Court Criminal History Check – A search is performed for all misdemeanors and felonies at any level of the court at the county level across the country. The check includes all publicly available information, including arrest dates, charges, and sentences. The check goes back at least 7 years.
  • County Court Criminal History Check – This more specialized search includes using all previous counties the individual has lived in, as found in the Social Security background, thus increasing the likelihood of discovery for previous crimes. The check goes back at least 7 years.
  • Federal District Court Criminal History Check – In order to focus a search on more federal-level severe crimes, this check searches all districts the individual has lived in. The check goes back 7 years.
  • Statewide Criminal History Check – This check involves a direct search of the state’s records for criminal activity. It is available in 43 states, and some differentiation exists between states, including the forms required and the amount of information released. Combined with other checks above, however, it is a useful tool to pick up potentially missed information.
  • Sex Offender Registry Search – Sex offender registry search data is collected and published by each individual state. This data is compiled by various law enforcement agencies within each jurisdiction. These searches will reveal both misdemeanor and felony crimes that are located within the state registries, and will give you this critical information that you need.

Employment Credit Report

How an applicant has handled their finances can say a lot about how they would handle the responsibilities-particularly the financial responsibilities of a new position. By discovering the public history of how an applicant has dealt with previous financial situations, a picture can be painted of their overall reliability or lack of it.

Through our connection to one of the nation’s credit reporting bureaus, we can provide this information to employers in our Employment Credit Report. Our credit report will include credit history, a list of current accounts with their status, payment histories, bankruptcies, items that were sent for collection, and any other financial information that is part of the public record.

However, our credit report does not include a credit score, since according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, this cannot be released to employers. Even without the credit score, though, an accurate portrait of an applicant’s financial history is possible with the above information.

The credit report is available nationally, although some states have specific regulations regarding the use of credit reports as a part of the hiring process. These states include Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon, and Washington. The report is completed within an hour.

Specialized Database Search

Some businesses require more specialized database searches for specific information about an employee. Such searches fall outside the above credit report, as well as the Employee Screening Services and Verification Services offered elsewhere. However, WorkSTEPS is still able to provide this information wherever needed.

Among other specialized database searches, WorkSTEPS can search the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation database to find out if any potential new employee has any convictions or pending charges related to financial misdeeds.

For security concerns, WorkSTEPS can also check databases such as Office of Foreign Assets Control – Specially Designated Nationals List, which reveals individuals with connections to targeted countries, as well as MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base. Further, the US Department of Commerce – Denied Persons List shows those who have been flagged for illegal exporting activities.

This is only a sample of the specialized database searches available through WorkSTEPS. We will work with you to get the information you require to make the best hiring decisions. Most searches can be done instantly.

Using the additional search services at WorkSTEPS can provide information that is crucial to making the right decision about a future employee. For those who work in industries related to finance, security, or intelligence, the above searches are particularly critical, although other businesses in other sectors can also benefit from such information.

Why use WorkSTEPS?

WorkSTEPS stands out among the rest due to our ability to provide reliable results employers need, when you need it. Our services have been responsible for a demonstrable improvement in a number of areas for employers, including a 40-50% decrease in workers’ compensation claims and related costs.

For almost 25 years, we have provided the highest quality employment services across the country. In that time, we have performed millions of employment tests and helped countless businesses find the right hire for every position.

Contact WorkSTEPS today at (512) 617-4100 to find out more about our additional search services, as well as our employee screening and verification services. We can significantly reduce your risk for every new hire.

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