Job Analysis

The foundation of an effective, legally-compliant functional testing program is a job analysis that accurately measures the actual requirements of the job in a fair and reliable way. Functional employment testing that assesses a candidate’s ability to perform the actual physical demands of the position, calibrated to the precise weights and measurements that are required of the job, is the most effective predictor of a candidate’s physical ability to perform those essential functions. WorkSTEPS functional employment testing is job-specific, with the functional tasks created from precise data that is collected via an onsite, job analysis that conforms with the EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection. Employers who use WorkSTEPS can be confident that their new-hire candidates will be tested to the actual physical requirements of the job – safely matching a worker to the positions for which he or she is being hired, reducing injuries within the first two years of employment, and reducing the cost and incidence of their workers’ compensation claims.

WorkSTEPS offers employers an array of job analysis services, and will customize the reports and results based on the information that the employer deems necessary to include, so that it meets the functional purposes for which the employer intends to use the job analysis. WorkSTEPS can provide a basic functional job analysis documenting only the most physically-demanding essential functions of an employment position, or a comprehensive job analysis that documents all the essential and marginal functions of the position; the knowledge, skills, and abilities required; the educational and certification requirements of a position; general equipment used and personal-protective equipment required; or any other component of an employment position. Additionally, WorkSTEPS is able to collect subject matter expert ratings on the job analysis information and measurements collected during the job analysis through the AutoGOJA program developed by validation specialists Biddle Consulting.

WorkSTEPS employs corporate job analysis experts who conduct on-site job analysis to identify the physical demands associated with “essential job functions” of the employment position — those functions that are fundamental to the position. WorkSTEPS job analysis is specifically-designed to identify essential job functions through a standardized process that ensures consistency and the delivery of an accurate job analysis product.


The WorkSTEPS job analyst observes the performance of the position within the work environment. While onsite, the analyst interviews incumbent job experts (supervisors, managers and workers), identifies and observes the performance of essential job functions, and takes measurements to quantify the physical demands required to perform essential functions of the position. WorkSTEPS job analysis assesses the following:

  • Ergonomic assessment of the position (sitting, standing, kneeling, etc.)
  • Weights of materials that are lifted, pushed, pulled or carried
  • Material handling heights and ranges-of-motion
  • Frequency and repetition of lifts
  • Environmental conditions (flat/uneven surfaces, indoors/outdoors, confined spaces, environmental temperatures, required safety equipment, etc.)

Optionally, the WorkSTEPS job analysis can include:

  • Cognitive demands
  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job
  • Any other factors impacting the performance of the job

The data that is collected during the job analysis is used to create the essential task simulations that serve as the functional foundation of the WorkSTEPS test.