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Fit For Work and WorkSTEPS create Strategic Partnership to Better Serve The Industrial Community

WorkSTEPS, the nation’s leading functional employment testing provider, recently announced a partnership with Fit For Work, a San Antonio-based Occupational Health and Injury Prevention Firm, to merge WorkSTEPS’ scientific pre-employment post-offer testing with Fit For Work’s early intervention and prevention programs, offering warehouse distribution and manufacturing employers two tools proven to reduce workplace injuries, lower workers’ compensation costs, and increase productivity.

The partnership will focus on injury prevention rather than injury management, and will result in increased productivity and lower costs for companies over a wide spectrum of key indicators, such as lost time, restricted duty, overall workers’ compensation costs, and OSHA incident rates.  Companies will see a reduction in cases and costs, while experiencing increases in profitability and productivity.

“Fit For Work has proven to be an exceptionally productive and efficient WorkSTEPS provider by marrying its early-intervention and prevention programming with WorkSTEPS’ proven, scientific pre-employment post-offer testing,” said WorkSTEPS CEO Larry Feeler. “We share a common business philosophy – to offer our clients proven, effective services designed to minimize workplace injuries, reduce workers’ compensation costs and increase productivity and profitability.  This partnership strengthens both WorkSTEPS’ and Fit For Work’s ability to more effectively meet the needs of our clients across the country.”

WorkSTEPS, Inc. is the nation’s leading provider of content-valid functional employment testing. Its tests are medically-safe, legally compliant, scientific and objective, and they are specifically-designed to match a worker’s functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job. WorkSTEPS has become a critical part of an organized and systematic business model that is automated, validated, measurable, and offers a predictable return on investment. Companies that begin using WorkSTEPS typically experience significant and immediate reductions in injury claims and related costs.

“Fit For Work has been working with both large and small companies for more-than a decade, and has been successful in significantly lowering workers’ compensation costs for our clients,” states Tom Tobin, MBA, OTR, CEO of Fit For Work.  “Our partnership with WorkSTEPS will allow us to expand our network nationally to offer industrial clients across the country similar reductions in workers’ compensation costs.”

For more information about Fit For Work’s services, please visit WellWorkForce.com.

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