Some Pre-Employment Test Trends You Should Try

Pre-employment tests are used to screen incoming candidates for a job. These tests allow employers to measure an individual’s cognitive ability, knowledge, physical abilities, and more. Here are some pre-employment tests you should know about:

  1. Cognitive tests are becoming a trend – According to Wall Street Journal, a simple personality test does not measure a person’s ability to learn things or consider job tasks quickly or critically. Cognitive Tests and Work Sample (Simulation) tests help hiring managers to objectively evaluate a candidate’s ability to perform tasks or if they can be effective on the job.
  2. Emerging mobile testing – 77% of people aged 16 to 34 use mobile devices for job search. Using mobile platforms to conduct assessment and pre-employment exams give applicants the idea that the company is maximizing the use of technology.
  3. Using social media to screen candidates – A majority of hiring managers consider an applicant’s social media presence when deciding whether or not a candidate suits the job.

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Why are Pre-employment Tests necessary?

Pre-employment screening is the process of verifying information submitted by job candidates in their application. Screening is not a simple process but is necessary to know if employees can be trusted to handle financial assets of the company or capable of securing any confidential information.

In conducting pre-employment screenings of job applicants, employers usually do not take on the task themselves, but seek the services of an outsourced or otherwise third-party specialized for the task. there exist some government agencies that take on the task, but these are often reserved for applicants to departments like the FBIor Department of Transportation.

Among the most common forms of pre-employment screenings are Skills or Personality Tests, Criminal History Screening, Social Security Number Tracing, Credit History, Employment Verification, Education Verification, Supervisor/Reference Interviews and Drug Test. Other tests include Worker’s Compensation Claims History, Motor Vehicle Records Screening, and Sex Offender Registry Screening.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulates employer investigations into the credit history, criminal or past employer of job applicants. Applicants’ consent and the contact information of the past records are sought by employers if they are used to screen out an applicant.

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The benefits of personality testing

A series of screening measures are normally used by employers as a means to evaluate applicants. Examples of such tests include criminal background checks, drug screenings, and the verification of employment history and educational background. According to CareerBuilder, an effective staff selection could help save you money and avoid a bad hire.

In recent years, 70% of companies have adopted pre-employment personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs personality indicator and StrengthsFinder. Here are five of the many reasons why pre-employment screening is essential in the hiring process.

Narrows down selection list – Screening helps in choosing the most suitable candidate, especially if several applicants have similar experiences and educational backgrounds.

Aids in the interview process – Tests aid HR in asking the candidate about their strengths and weaknesses.

Gives deeper understanding of candidates – Screening applicants provides recruiters with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the candidate in question.

Eliminates bias – It helps create a more accurate indication of an individual’s personality and working style, eliminating any biases that first impressions may create.

Strengthens teams – Helps to attain a successful and productive team.

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